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"Taking Root in Wilmette" by Elisabeth G. Weedon, 1867-1965 

AudioImageText  About 1974,   Undated conversation between Vivian Weedon (1903-1995), and her niece, Deborah Ardley. Weedon read aloud an article written in 1931 by her mother, Elisabeth G. Weedon (1867-1965). The reading is interspersed with questions by Ardley followed by Weedon's replies and comments. This recording is part...
Mary Stewart Barry Townes (1903-1997) oral history 
AudioTextComments:  About 1975,   Interview with Mary Townes by Briggs Maselli in Wilmette, Illinois, on November 17 [year unspecified]. CD 2 Track 1 was blank. This interview was conducted as part of the Wilmette Public Library District's Oral History program, started in 1975 by a committee of the Friends of the Wilmette Public...
Austin Manlove Zimmerman, Jr. (1909-1991) oral history 
AudioImageTextComments:  1975,   Interviewee: Austin Zimmerman, Jr. Interviewer: Jean Young Date of interview: Fall, 1975 Move to Wilmette, 1912 --Description and locale of homes Raising squabs Cooking methods Population- Wilmette Gross Point -- truck gardens --So. Water Street Market Milkmen, icemen and organ grinders, street...
C. Herbert Jones (1889-1987) oral history 
AudioImageText  15 June 1977,   Interview with C. Herbert Jones by Rhea Adler in Wilmette, Illinois, on June 25, 1977. ABSTRACT: Early life in Philadelphia Move to Evanston High school and college years Graduate school Half century of engineering school Northwestern University Chattaqua Romance Miami Military Institute World...
Oral History of Fred Favor, 
AudioImageText  5 Dec 1978,   Interview with Fred Favor by Rhea Adler in Wilmette, December 5, 1978. ABSTRACT: Born Hyde Park, came to Wilmette at four years of age Wilmette boundary on west at Ridge Road "No Man's Land" between Wilmette and Kenilworth - Gross Point west of Ridge Avenue - originally included some of...
Albert J. Braun (1911-1991) oral history
AudioText  15 October 1978,   Interview with Albert J. Braun by Rhea Adler in Wilmette, Illinois, on October 15, 1978. ABSTRACT Interviewee: Albert J. Braun Interviewer: Rhea Adler Date of Interview: October, 1978 Account of Braun family, six boys and three girls Farm of 25-30 acres -- Truck gardens -- Randolph...
Rhea Saul Adler (1906-1990) oral history 
AudioTextComments:  About 1985,   Interview of Rhea Adler by Regina Fleischer at 401 3rd Street, Wilmette, IL, in 1985. Photograph of the first public library in Wilmette, Illinois
Elizabeth Brown Brooks (1901-1994) oral history
AudioText  1979,   Interview with Elizabeth Brown Brooks by Rhea Adler in Wilmette, Illinois, Spring, 1979. ABSTRACT: · Grandparents-- Crocker, 1892/ Brown, 1868 · Early childhood- schools- churches · Dedication of Sanitary District Canal and creation of (Washington) Gillson Park from dredgings · New Trier...
Ella B. Butz (1888-1982) oral history 
AudioText  March 26, 1976,   Interview of Ella B. Butz by Rhea Adler in Wilmette on March 26, 1976. ABSTRACT Wilmette in 1890's, early activities, Wilmette Country Club, mention of many early families and people by name, Butz and Arend family histories, Northwestern Academy and New Trier High School early beginnings,...
Elizabeth Fitch (1899-1986) oral history 
AudioImageText  1984,   Interview with Elizabeth Fitch by Rhea Adler in Wilmette, Illinois, in 1984. ABSTRACT: Early history of both parental backgrounds prior to Wilmette in 1906 Childhood and schooling in Wilmette, New Trier, Wellesley and nursing degree at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. Summer spent in...
Rose Braun Chilcott (1902-1981) oral history 
AudioGenealogical ResourcesText  1979,   Interview of Rose Braun Chilcott by Briggs Maselli in Wilmette, Illinois, 1979. Abstract: Truck farming at Illinois Rd. and Lake Ave. Travel to South Water St. market, 1867-1942 Occupations of 11 Braun siblings Household tasks Gross Point Band Chicago Fire Family activities Schools...
Regina Fleischer (1928- ) oral history 
AudioImageText  1981,   ABSTRACT Interviewee: Regina Fleischer Interviewer: Rhea Adler Date of interview: Spring, 1981 • Length of time in Wilmette • Birth in Bydgoszcz (Poland) - Germany - Life 1928-1933 - An only child - Father in wholesale leather business - Anti-Semitism forced move to Warsaw • Explanation of...
League of Women Voters of Wilmette 
AudioImageText  About 1978,   Note about this transcription: Transcription of a recorded conversation about the history of the League of Women Voters of Wilmette probably done sometime in 1978. Most speakers in this interview are unidentified. We have done our best to distinguish individual speakers, but in many cases, this...
Frances A. Goodhue (1886-1983) oral history 
AudioText  1977,   Interview with Frances Goodhue by Rhea Saul Adler about 1977 in Wilmette, Illinois. Transcribed by Karen Miller, June 2009.
David Clark Leach, Jr. (1925-2000) oral history 
AudioImageText  About 1980,   Interview with David C. Leach, Jr. by Briggs Maselli in Wilmette, Illinois, on the subject of the history of transportation in Wilmette. Day of interview was November 5, but year not provided.
Joseph Fleischer oral history 
AudioImageText  1982,   Interview with Joseph Fleischer by Regina Fleischer in Wilmette, Illinois, in March 1982. ABSTRACT: • Name and location of present home - birthplace and life in Albany Park area - Chicago • Joined U.S. Navy in July, 1943 - training received at Farragut, Idaho -- 30 day leave before entering...
George Arthur Hahn, Sr. (1889-1979) oral history 
AudioTextComments:  About 1975,   Interview with George Arthur Hahn, Sr. by Briggs Maselli about 1975. Transcribed by Karen Miller Track 1 is missing from the tape.
John J. Schneider (1901-1986) oral history 
AudioImageText  November 1975,   Interview with John Schneider by Rhea Adler in November 1975 in Wilmette, Illinois. ABSTRACT Family - childhood - school Early location St. Joseph school and church Fun games - skating - swimming Gross Point boundaries Store, grocer, bakery, blacksmith, saloons Gross Point...
Anna Kathryn Witt (1895-1988) oral history 
AudioImageText  December 9, 1975,   Interview with Anna Witt by Briggs Maselli in Wilmette on December 9, 1975. Abstract: Sold milk from 800 block of Forest Avenue Moved to Harms Road on Lake Avenue farm (Wilmette Golf Club grounds) Returned to Wilmette -- bottling plant -- ice house eventually sold to Bowman Dairy Co. Mother's...
Robert D. Hall (1914- ) and Alice Freeman Hall (1916-) oral history 
AudioImageText  1977,   Interview with Robert D. Hall and Alice Freeman Hall by Rhea Adler in Wilmette in winter 1977. Abstract: • His childhood in Zion, Illinois - Description of the community founded for religious reasons by Mr. Dowie • Wilbur Glenn Voliva and radio station WCBD • Hall family from Vermont to Zion "to...

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Adler, Rhea Saul, 1906-1990 (1) Bands (Music) (1) Baptist churches (1) Bower, Esther Dunshee, 1879-1983 (1) Braun, Albert Joseph, 1911-1991 (1) Brooks, Elizabeth Brown, 1901-1994 (1) Butz, Ella B., 1888-1982 (1) Chilcott, Rose Braun, 1902-1981 (1) Concentration camps (1) Farmers (2) Fleischer, Regina, 1928- (1) Frake, Leonora Caroline Thalmann, 1907-1990 (1) Hahn, George Arthur, Sr., 1889-1979 (1) Hall, Alice Freeman, 1916- (1) Hall, Robert D., 1914- (1) Harper, Robert A., 1910-2007 (1) Hollister, Lloyd Frank, 1892-1979 (1) Hood, John Andrew, 1842-1939 (2) Huffman, W. Henry, 1911-1997 (1) Jones, C. Herbert, 1889-1987 (1) Kartman, Benjamin, 1901-1991 (1) Kempe, Mathilda Marie, 1895-1981 (1) Kinnear, Elizabeth Fisher, 1896-1980 (1) Kirk, Elizabeth Hoffman, 1915-2008 (1) League of Women Voters (1) Librarians (1) Libraries (1) Lutheran churches (1) Mass transit (1) Michelet, Charles Jules, Jr., 1891-1980 (1) Miller, John Tuttle, 1921- (1) Miller, Lenoir Hood, 1888-1976 (2) Musicians (1) Netstraeter, William, 1872-1923 (1) Newspaper editors (1) Northam, Fred Stickney, 1904-1979 (1) Oral histories (39) Organizations (1) Prohibition (1) Railroads - United States (1) Schneider, John J., 1901-1986 (1) Schoenbeck, Margaret Schneider, 1904-1992 (1) School superintendents (1) Schuett, Anna Schneider, 1903-1980 (1) Teachers (1) Templeton, Sydney Weedon, 1894-1994 (1) Ten Broeck, Jean, 1896-1996 (1) Townes, Mary Stewart Barry, 1903-1997 (1) Veterans (1) Waidner, Frederick William, 1909-1989 (1) Weedon, Elisabeth G., 1867-1965 (1) Weishaar, Gladys Fowler, 1897-1981 (1) Weishaar, Herman O., 1889-1984 (1) Wilmette Lutheran Church (1) Wilmette Public Library (1) Witt, Anna Kathryn, 1895-1988 (1) World War 1939-1945 (2) Zimmerman, Austin Manlove, Jr., 1909-1991 (1)
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