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Remapping: a long, slow process 
Newspapers  "Remapping: a long, slow process," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 27 Jun 1991, p. 9 
Computers serve as high-tech maps, GIS software 
Newspapers  "Computers serve as high-tech maps, GIS software," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 26 Oct 1995, p. 175 
Kara Struckman stands on a huge map as her Harper School first-grade class learns geography 
Newspapers  "Kara Struckman stands on a huge map as her Harper School first-grade class learns geography," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 24 May 2007, Section Cover, p. 1  Story on p.26
All roads lead to Plaza del Lago 
Newspapers  "All roads lead to Plaza del Lago," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 10 Apr 2008, p. 27  Map showing alternate routes to Plaza del Lago during construction on Sheridan Road.
Raise Government Map Prices 
Newspapers  "Raise Government Map Prices," Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois: Published in Evanston, Illinois, 1912-1914. Published in Wilmette, Illinois, Feb. 19, 1914-1923.), 26 Dec 1912, p. 7  The director of the geological survey has announced a price increase for topographic maps of the United States after January 1.
Plan of Wilmette : being recommendations to the trustees of the village, park, school and library boards, and to the citizens of Wilmette 
PublicationImageText  1922 
League of Women Voters wants to take politics out of remapping 
NewspapersImageText  John P. Huston and Kimberly Fornek, League of Women Voters wants to take politics out of remapping, "League of Women Voters wants to take politics out of remapping," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 18 Mar 2010, p. 12  The League of Women Voters of Illinois wants to change the law controlling the decennial legislative district redistricting process. Launching an "Illinois Fair Map Amendment" movement, the league is attempting to pass a citizens initiative to require the state's legislative districts be based on...
Amendment would take map drawing away from pols [editorial] 
NewspapersText  "Amendment would take map drawing away from pols [editorial]," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 18 Mar 2010, p. 26  Full digital issue available at Wilmette Public Library
Wilmette: a village in the forest. Cover Shows Shore Growth in 100 Years. 
NewspapersImageText  "Wilmette: a village in the forest. Cover Shows Shore Growth in 100 Years.," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 18 Sep 1947, 1, 114  Charles C. [Clinton] Henderson, 1630 Forest Avenue, drew the cover for this issue. The pictorial map shows how the "Gross Point" area (everything north of Chicago as far as Lake County and East of the north branch of the Chicago River) appeared a century ago. Outline of the history of the area....
Map of Ouilmette Reservation 1828-1844 with its Indian reminders 
NewspapersImageText  "Map of Ouilmette Reservation 1828-1844 with its Indian reminders," Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 18 Sep 1947, Section 75th anniversary supplement, Cover 
The Growth of Wilmette:  Geological formative data 
TextImage  Sep 1949,   Map showing geological formation of Wilmette from glacial moraines remaining after the Great Ice Age
The Growth of Wilmette:  Government survey of 1818 and Map of the Area's Drainage System 
TextImage  Aug 1949,   Map adapted from original survey in 1818 and a resurvey, 1837-1839
The Growth of Wilmette: Lake Chicago's Changes That Developed the Wilmette Area 
TextImage  September 1949,   How "Lake Chicago" was filled in to form the shore line of Lake MIchigan. Shows the several stages wherein, due to the prevailing North East South West lake current, the spoil from the wave action on the North Shore Bluffs was gradually deposited to the South, making Chicago's land.
The Growth of Wilmette: Map from a survey made in 1840 
TextImage  1949,   Map derived from a survey made in 1840 by William Milburn of St. Louis, Mo. Map is in the Engineering Dept. Evanston City Hall.
The Growth of Wilmette: Maps of Indian and Pioneer Days 
TextImage  Sep 1949,   Three small maps showing changes in Wilmette from 1804-1852.
The Growth of Wilmette: additions and annexations, 1883-1911 
ImageText    Small maps showing area in 1883-1911 including 1883-1886 ; 1889-1890; 1906-1911. Lake Michigan; Gage's Pier; Gage's Addition 1886; Cty. Annexation 1883; Paull's Addition 1889' Paul's Addition; 1890; Llewellyn Park or Hillville; Accrued Beach due to Park and Pier line of 1872; Line of 1947;...
The Growth of Wilmette: original plat incorporation-additions--Gross Point, 1869-1874 
ImageText  Sep 1947,   Map covers development from 1869-1874. Shows original plat of survey 1869; Wilmette as incorporated, Sept. 19, 1872; and Wilson's addition and Gross Point 1874. Approximate Bluff line of reservation survey, 1829; North Ave. now Emwood Ave.; Elm St. now Fifteenth St.; Division St. now eighth St.;...
The Growth of Wilmette: map of Ouilmette's reservation and its subdivisions, 1829-1842 
ImageText  1949,   Map shows developments from 1829-1842. The fourth article of the Treaty of Prarie du Chien, 29th of July, 1829 granted to Archange Ouilmette, a Potawatamie woman, wife of Antoine Ouilmette, for herself and children, two sections of land. Survey of 1280 acres of land two sections; Now Elmwood Ave.;...
Gage's Addition to the Village of Wilmette used in the 1870s 
ImageText  26 Nov 1947,   Map of Wilmette in the 1870s. The map shows east and west alleys south of North Avenue. The original plan had north and south alleys. Wilmette Village; Gage's Addition to the Village of WIlmette used in the 1870's scale 1" = 500'; Nothe that this map shows East and West Alleys south of North...
Plan of the original Wilmette village 
ImageText  16 Nov 1947,   Wilmette Village a subdivision of the W.63.55 chs. of N. sec. of Ouilmette Reservation T.42N R.13 E. Early street map of Wilmette from Division St. (aka 8th St.) to West (aka Park) showing former street names. Adaptation of engraving by Louis Helke & Co. Lands of H. A. Dingee yet to be added....
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