Your Old Wilmette House

The story behind your old Wilmette house might surprise you! Who lived there in former years? What weddings, births and birthday parties, fires, floods or deaths took place within its walls? Wilmette Public Library's local history website may make it possible for you to find out.

Begin your historical adventure on the website home page. Type your street address in the search box surrounded by " " [quotation marks] and prepare to be surprised!

Numbered Streets
If you have a house on a numbered street, try spelling it out, for example, Sixteenth, in addition to searching for 16th street. If you find the name of the resident associated with the address, try searching on that too.

Street Name Changes
If you had no luck finding articles featuring your old Wilmette house, perhaps it is located on a street that changed names. Numerous street name changes have occurred in Wilmette over the years. Consult a history or an old map to find street name changes. Try searching for your house using your current house number but the old street name.

House moving
Was your house moved to a new location? It was not uncommon into the 1950's for houses to be relocated from one lot to another. If the foundation seems newer than the house, a house move might be the explanation.

Happy hunting!
812 Central St., Wilmette
812 Central St., Wilmette Details
Plan of the original Wilmette village
Plan of the original Wilmette village Details
View Prairie and Central St.
View Prairie and Central St. Details
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