What People Are Doing In Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 19 Sep 1912, p. 14

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A recital will be given at the Hemenway Methodist church Friday evening by two well known Evanston women, Miss Edna Palmer, a soprano, Miss Helen Louis Thomas, a reader. Miss Palmer has done much Chautauqua work and Miss Thomas is a graduate of Cumnock School of Oratory. The recital is given under the auspices of the Hemenway Bible school for the benefit of the church fund. The committee in charge of the program are L. B. Trabert, Irving Fischer, Agnes Byrnes, G. F. Falley. Miss Frances Porter-Ross will be accompanist. Mrs. Barrow of New Orleans, La., is the guest of Mrs. Fairchild, 2700 Lincoln street. Mr. E. F. Pierce and family have moved into the Hereford from 420 Hamiltion street. Mr. Harry Rush, 705 Reba place, has as his guest Mr. I. L. Rush of Chicago Heights. Miss Frances Spinning, 1414 Hinman avenue, left Saturday evening for Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Franz, 1140 Noyes street, announce the birth of a baby girl, September 15. Mrs. George Pionnier of Lafayette, Ind., who has been visiting relatives here, has returned home. Walter P. Wing, 428 Greenwood boulevard, left Tuesday to attend school at Asheville, N. C. Mrs. Charles Gardner of California is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bassoe, 2207 Colfax street. Mrs. D. Plummer, 828 Colfax street, is entertaining Mrs. W. J. Cruitt and son, John, of Naperville, Ill., where she will spend the week. Mr. and Mrs. Gale of Denver, Col., are visiting their son, William Gale, Elm avenue and Lincoln street. Mr. C. H. Jones and sons, Carroll and Franklin, 1422 Forest avenue, have returned from Delaware, O. Miss Gertrude J. Seery of 1111 Foster street has gone to Antioch to take up teaching in a district school. Mr. Henry Mitchell of Gary, Ind., spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roberts, 2302 Harrison street. Mr. James Harvey of 2527 Thayer street has returned to his home after spending the summer in Murphysboro. Miss Marion Chase 1116 Maple avenue, left yesterday for Sycamore, Ill., where she will attend Waterman hall. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Witt of Chicago were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper, 2014 Pratt court. Dr. W. A. Thomas of the Century building, after a delightful automobile tour of Wisconsin, is again at home. Miss Florence Wilson of Cleveland, O., after visiting her parents at 1925 Wesley avenue for a month, has returned east. Miss Emiline Goodrow of the Lincoln school, after spending the summer in the east is located with Mrs. Margaret Patterson, 529 Lee street. Mr. Arthur Greenough left for Minneapolis last week after spending his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Greenough, 730 Milburn street. A number of young people of the northern end of town gave a beach party Saturday evening at South avenue, Glencoe. A good time was reported by all. Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Ackley, 1734 Orrington avenue, have gone to Philadelphia, being called there suddenly on account of the death of Mrs. Ackley's father. Mr. Merrill Humphrey, 2129 Sherman avenue, returned Saturday from Camp Sosowagaming, Big Bay, Mich. Mr. Clarence Snyder of Winnetka had charge of the camp. A surprise party was given in honor of Michael Russ last Saturday evening at his home, 2118 Jackson avenue, which was enjoyed by many of his friends. After refreshments there was music and dancing. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. George Russ, Anna and Mary Russ, Minnie Lagemenn, Louise Witt, Gertrude Boiseger, Sarah Koenig, Mary Russ, Rose Becker, Martha Christensen, Augusta Weber, Julia Pray, Lena Glauner, Berneice Major, Michael Russ, Henry Phifer, Arthur Skinner, William Dewar, Roy Beinlich, Edward Jasper, Christ Witt, Mr. Finn, George Ratcliff, Fred Sherer, Stanley Russ, Herman Sherer, August Durham. Mrs. Belle C. Chapman, 1323 Davis street, has returned from California. Miss Irene Johnson, 1110 Ayars place, has taken a position at Lord's store. Mr. Gardner Rogers, 1306 Hinman avenue, left Monday for the University of Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Little and family, 1418 Forest avenue, are home from Mackinac Island. Mrs. S. Carl Harrison, 836 Elmwood avenue, left Monday for a five week's visit in Colorado. Miss Ruth Clark, 831 Hinman avenue, left last week for Oxford, Ohio, to attend Western college. Mrs. C. L. Rising, 847 Judson avenue, returned last week after spending two months in Dixon, Ill. Mr. S. G. Strickland, 1574 Asbury avenue, has gone to St. Paul Minn., where he will join Mrs. Strickland. Mr. and Mrs. James Eadie of Rockford, Mich, are visiting their son, Mr. H. A. Eadie, 1131 Leonard place. Mr. Walter P. Wing, 428 Greenwood boulevard, left Monday for Asheville, N. C., where he will enter school. Miss Virginia Clark of Winona Lake, Ind., is the guest of her father, Dr. Dwight W. Clark, at the Avenue House. Frances Locy, 1745 Orrington avenue, has returned home after taking a summer course at the University of Michigan. Miss Carrie Ades of Rockford, Ill., will teach at Washington school this year. She is residing at 723 Washington street. Mrs. H. D. Baker, 1325 Judson avenue, has left for Champaign, Ill., where her daughter, Mrs. Arthur E. Young is locating. She will remain ten days. Miss Anna L. Beebe, 811 University place, left for Jacksonville, Ill., Saturday, where she will be instructor of voice in the Illinois Woman's college this year. Mrs. Walter E. Turner and daughter, Dorothy, 715 Madison street, after a visit to Mrs. Turner's mother, Mrs. James R. Harris, at St. Louis, Mo., have returned home. Mrs. M. D. Moore, of Fond du Lac, Wis., and Mrs. Margaret D. Ford of Holly Wood, Cal, are guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Shepard, 1121 Hinman avenue. Mrs. Ida L. Hammond and daughter, Miss Elizabeth Hammond, and Miss Janet Tietgens of 1812 Hinman avenue, have departed for a ten days' vacation in the Adirondacks. Miss Katherine Fanning, 1232 Hinman avenue, left Monday for Welleslely. Her sisters, the Misses Elizabeth and Jane Fanning, leave this week for the same college. Miss Ruby Rowley of Crystal Falls, Mich., Miss Lulu Anderson, Miss Kline, Margaret Hunt and Miss Halem, teachers in the Evanston public schools, are at the Hotel Monnett. Mr. John O'Connell of Chicago was the guest yesterday of Miss Bertha Voelker, 806 Grove street. They went to Wilmette, where they visited Miss Alice Bodell, 826 Greenleaf street. Miss Elizabeth Dunn of East Orange, N.J., Miss Emily Muth of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mr. Clarence Ottes of Detroit, Mich., are visiting Miss Helen Gerould, 1200 Judson avenue. The Woman's association of the Covenant M. E. church will hold a business meeting at the home of Mrs. J. A. Peabody, 2512 Hartzell street, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Leonard Childs, the latter formerly Miss Louise Raeder, have returned from their wedding trip and will be at home after October 15 at 2019 Sherman avenue. Edwin P. A. Neverman, for ten years in the drug business on Davis street with Roscoe L. Wickes and W. C. Colwell, has taken a position in the pharmacy of John V. Lee, Main streetand Chicago avenue.

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Madame Hadlock, 1241 Judson avenue, has returned from New York. Mrs. Fairchild, 2700 Lincoln street, has as her guest Mrs. Barrow of New Orleans, La. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fenner, 1514 Davis street, are in Springfield, Ill., for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Franklin, 1024 Grove street, are in Libertyville, Ill., for the week-end. Miss Margaret Kennedy of Trenton, N. J., is visiting Miss Eloise Hollett, 1044 Lake Shore drive. Mrs. Theo C. Keller, 1007 Greenwood boulevard, has gone to Nantucket, Mass., for a month. Mrs. John Bowman, 2322 Harrison street is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Merritt Mott of Rockford, Ill. Miss May Fitzgerald of Lake Forest, Ill., is spending a week with Miss Helen Sullivan, 931 Ridge Court. Mr. Harold A. Swenarton of the University club will occupy the house at 2322 Hartray avenue about the first of October. Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor, 1456 Chicago avenue, are attending the Knights Templar conclave this week in Peoria, Ill. Mrs. August Rodelius, 2683 Stewart avenue, and family, have returned home after spending the summer at Lake Marie, Ill. After spending a week with his sister, Mrs. Charles H. Rose, 2410 Park place, Mr. Earl Gates of Cleveland, O., returned Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Johnson of Denver, Colo., are visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, 2306 Colfax street. Miss Helen Norris, 2407 Harrison street, has returned from a month's visit with her cousin, Miss Jennie Slaker of Aurora, Ill. Miss Emma Boyer, 1421 Sherman avenue, and Miss Christine Airth 1427 Sherman avenue, returned Friday from Lake Ripley, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. John Witter, formerly of 2528 Ashland avenue, now of Massachusetts, spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Marvey on Central street. Mrs. Stewart Clark of Boston, Mass., who has been the guest of her son, Mr. Lawrence Clark and family, 2402 Pioneer road, returned home Friday. Mr. Edward Austin, 2529 Hartzell street, has left for Kansas City, Mo., where he will spend a short time and then will return to his old home in Nebraska. Miss Ethelyn Petit, who has been for some time in Minneapolis, Minn., is stopping a few days to visit her sister, Miss Genevieve Petit, en route to Decatur, Ill. Miss Ruth Crandell of Lord's sstore has returned from a weeks' vacation. Mr. Blair Moulton of Lord's store is on a two weeks' vacation. He went to Glen Elyln, Ill. Mrs. Lewis and daughter, Dorothy of Oswego, N.Y., returned Wednesday afternoon after spending a few weeks with Mrs. Chester Comstock, 2408 Hartzell street. Mrs. T. L. Taylor and two daughters of Springfield, Ill., have returned after spending some time as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. William McKay, 2308 Central street. Mrs. Edward Hunt of Robertsdale, Ala., has returned home after spending a number of days with Mr. and Mrs. William Gale of Lincoln street and Elm avenue. Miss Margaret Schwind, 1327 Warren street, left Sunday for Chicago Heights for a visit with Margaret Flamming, a former schoolmate, at St. James' hospital. Mrs. A. S. Frost, wife of Col. A. S. Frost, of Sioux City, S. D., is located in the Mann building. Mrs. Frost's mother, Mrs. Mann, is also back from her summer home at Goblesville, Mich. Miss Evelyn L. Hauser, 722 Monroe street, left yesterday for Auburndale, Mass., where she will attend La Salle seminary. Her brother, Mr. Wooling Hauser, accompanied her and will go on to Southbridge, Conn. Miss Gertrude Hendrickson has returned from two weeks' vacation spent in Saugatuck, Mich. Her sister, Miss Alma Hendrickson, 1316 Washington street, has returned from Duluth, Minn., where she spent two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Karl Davidson, 1203 Ainslie street, Chicago, announce the birth of twin daughters, Friday September 13. Mrs. Davidson was Miss Florence Knatt of Evanston and Mr. Davidson the son of Mrs. Hattie L. Davidson, 801 Forest avenue.

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Mrs. T. B. Travis and daughter, Elizabeth, Colfax street, are in Evansville, Wis. Mrs. Arthur D. Black, 1250 Asbury avenue, returned last week from Kansas City, Mo. Miss Effie W. Smith, 720 Clark street, has returned from a visit to Iowa Falls, Iowa. Mrs. C. P. Wheeler and son, Leslie, 221 Dempster street, have gone east to spend five weeks. Dr. E. H. Webster and wife left Monday for a three weeks' automobile trip through the east. Miss Lillian Farran of Windside, Neb., is a guest of Miss Nan Wooldridge, 943 Wesley avenue. Mr. Abe Seaman with his family have moved to 1634 Chicago avenue from 720 Foster street. Mr. Arthur W. Dale and family, 2327 Central street, are home from Portage Point Inn., Onekama, Mich. Miss Clio Booth, 822 Foster street, will teach elocution in the high school at Waterloo, Iowa, this year. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Adams, 405 Grove street, are at Ogilway, Can., enjoying a fishing expedition. Mr. Joseph H. Lord, 1840 Sheridan road, has returned from a trip to Maine, Florida and Colorado. Mr. Elmer R. Corwin, now living in Chicago, will occupy the Nelson home at 2112 Central street about October 1. Mrs. William S. Mason, 1401 Ridge avenue, and Mrs. J. A. Odell, 1302 Church street, are at Trout lake, Wis. Miss Marion Judson of Aurora, Ill, formerly of Evanston, is the guest of Miss Gladys Stahl, 1032 Hinman avenue. Dr. William Cooper of Indiana is a guest at the home of Mr. N. Erickson, 1138 Sherman avenue. Dr. Cooper resides in Sheridan, Ind. Mrs. H. H. Schneider, formerly Miss Susie Kirk of Englewood, N.J., is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. F. Champlin 2330 Orrington avenue. Mr. William Nelson of Duluth, Minn., arrived Friday and will reside at Hatfield house and attend Northwestern academy. Mr. Charles E. Lutton, 1857 Sherman avenue, has returned from Lake Memphremagog, Canada, where he was with Prof. and Mrs. Grant-Schaefer. Mr. Gale, who has been spending a short time at the home of his son, Mr. William Gale, Lincoln street and Elm avenue, returned Friday to his home in Denver, Colo. Mrs. C. S. Goessling of Dallas, Tex., who has been form some time the guest of her brother, Mr. J. Seymour Currey, and family, 1308 Judson avenue, has returned to her home. Mrs. F. C. Spring, who has spent the summer at the home of her mother, Mrs. Louisa E. Raymond, 715 Sheridan road, has returned to her home at La Mar, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Addison Bush, 2310 Harrison street, left Saturday for a ten days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. De Witt, formerly of 2314 Harrison street, now of Keokuk, Iowa. Mrs. C. Royson Smith, 722 Marquette terrace, Chicago, entertained Friday at a linen shower for Miss Marjorie Booth, 722 Washington street. Miss Booth is to be married in December. Sister Raymeria and Sister Wendalin of Joliet, Ill., who hae recently passed through serious illnesses and are convalescing, are at St. Francis hospital for several weeks. Sister Raymeria is a sister of Father Korthals of St. Nicholas Parish. Dr. Emory Bogardus, N. U. '08, now of the University of Southern California, and his wife, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson A. Pierce, 2028 Lincoln street. Dr. Bogardus was here to attend a meeting of the Scribbler alumni Saturday night. They will return to Los Angeles this week. Mr. Arthur L. Sprinkle, 2023 Sherman avenue, has become a member of the new firm of Brown, Hopkins, Nissen & Sprinkle in the practice of patent and trade mark law. Mr. Sprinkle has been with Brown & Hopkins since 1906 and was previously in the experimental department of the International Harvester Co. Mrs. Amelia J. Connell, who has spent the summer at her cottage, "Burr Oak," Lake Beulah, Wis., gave a house party there last week at which were present the Misses Lucy and Margaret Wilson, Lillian and Clara Bosen, Mayme and Nolia Knauer, Helen Smith of Chicago, Mrs. Earl Orner of Wilmette and Mrs. Samuel M. Fegtly, 2306 Thayer street. Mrs. Fegtly has just returned home.

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Mrs. Conrad Schmeisser and daughter, Esther, 1711 Sherman avenue, are on a visit to friends in Joliet. Mr. Ray Munro, 814 Washington street, has gone to Davenport, Iowa, where he has taken a position. Miss Sue Billow, 823 Washington street, has gone to New York City, where she will teach domestic science. Mr. Garwood Burkett, 1458 Maple avenue, has returned from the mountains near Denver, where he was camping. Miss Alice Carter of Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting her cousins, the Misses Eleanor and Louise Carter, 726 Forest avenue. Mr. and Mrs. I. U. Edwards of Ceresota, Fla., are spending the summer with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lamson, 1915 Sherman avenue. The Mother's club of the Central street school will hold its first meeting Wednesday, September 25, at 3 p. m., in the kindergarten. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur D. Nesbit and son, Robert, 732 Colfax street, after spending three months at Bay View, Mich., arrived home Friday. Mr. Herbert C. Jenks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chancellor L. Jenks, 1217 Ridge avenue, left Thursday for Phillips, Exeter, N. H., for his senior year. Mrs. Euphemia F. Bush and daughter, 510 Lee street, leave today to reside in Baltimore, Md. Mrs. Bush and daughter have been residents of Evanston for six years. Mrs. Joseph H. Lord, 1840 Sheridan road, has visiting her her mother, Mrs. S. A. Webber, and her daughter, Miss Louise Lord of Bradentown, Fla., who are here for the summer. Mrs. Erastus Richardson of Woossocket, R. I., whe has been the guest of her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Cook, 115 Dempster street, for a month, returned home Friday. Mrs. H. M. Boll of Rice Lake, Wis. and Miss Elizabeth Abbot of South Bend, Ind., have returned after spending a short time with their sister, Mrs. Charles M. Cartwright, 2215 Central street.

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What People Are Doing In Evanston