What People Are Doing in Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 26 Sep 1912, p. 14

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Members of the Evanston Woman's club are deeply interested in the operetta, which is to be produced in the new club building the first week in December. "Casilda" is the name of the playlet and Mr. A. Mendenhall is the author. The cast will be an exceptionally good one. It will be composed of semi-professional talent. The club members are anxious to make it a success. This statement alone is enough to assure the success of the affair. The same week the operetta is produced there will be a Christmas sale at the club. Here many Evanstonians will find it possible to purchase many gifts delicately made by local society matrons.
William A. Dyche is home from Muskegon.
William C. Levere is home from Mackinac island.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hyland, Sunday, September 22, a daughter.
Miss Edna Schieb, 907 Chicago avenue, is visiting her parents in Remus, Mich.
Mrs. Carl S. Harrison of the "Elmwood," has gone for a month's trip to Colorado.
Cornelius Reese, 1113 Sheridan road, leaves this week for St. John's Military academy.
Dr. Rollin T. Woodyat, 231 Dempster street, has returned from northern Wisconsin.
Miss Elizabeth Tucker, 721 Foster street, entered Northwestern university this week.
Mrs. Ruby Mixutany, 1727 Orrington avenue, has returned from a trip to New York City.
Mrs. Barrows of New Orleans, La., is the guest of Mrs. C. M. Fairchilds, 2300 Lincoln avenue.
Miss Ethel Ormes, 847 Judson avenue, has as her guest Miss Ida Bunting of Fort Worth, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones, who have been residing at the Avenue House, have gone to Pasadena, Cal.
Mr. Frank Lord, 1328 Hinman avenue, has returned from a six weeks' visit to West Gloucester, Mass.
Mrs. G. W. Boot, 2302 Hartzell street, has returned from an extended trip through the Canadian Rockies.
Henry Raeder, Jr., 1635 Hinamn avenue, left on Friday for Mercersburg, Pa., where he is attending school.
Mrs. P. A. Lemoi, 1509 Wesley avenue, went last week to visit her sister, Mrs. A. O. Boyle of Dundas, Ontario.
Mrs. Ernest J. Ford, West Railroad avenue and Central street, has gone on a three weeks' visit to relatives at Winnipeg, Canada.
Mrs. L. W. Conkey of Arosi, Cal., en route home from Burlington, Wis., spent last week with Mrs. W. B. Mann, 1570 Asbury avenue.
Prof. and Mrs. G. A. Grant-Schaefer, 1101 Davis street, returned last week from their summer home at Lake Memphremagog, Canada.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hall, 2607 Hartzell street, will be occupied for the winter by Mr. and Mrs. McJohnson, Grand Beach, Mich.
Mrs. William Sanders, who has been visiting her cousin, Mrs. S. F. Burden, 721 Washington street, returned last week to Fremont, Neb., her home.
Mrs. Joseph Bushnell and daughter, Dorothy, 618 Foster street, who spent the summer on their farm at South Haven, Mich., have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Hall and daughter, Mrs. L. E. Austin, 2602 Hartzell street, will spend the winter in Daytona, Fla., for which place they leave soon.
Mr. Frederick Weston, 653 Forest avenue, and Mr. Walter Dudley, 313 Judson avenue, attended the wedding of Mr. Warren Knapp at Burlington, Iowa, last week.
Mr. John Mahin, 1745 Orrington avenue, is home again, after a short trip to Muscatine, ia., where he delivered an address at the dedication of a new church.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Leonard Childs (nee Louise Raeder) have returned from their wedding trip and will be at home at 2019 Sherman avenue after October 15.
Mr. Henry W. Pond 2319 Sherman avenue, after a visit to his father at Greenville, Ohio, has returned home. Mrs. Pond, who visited her relatives at Muskegon, Mich., has also returned.
Mrs. L. L. Smith, 740 Hinman avenue, is visiting her mother at Franklin, Pa.
Mr. William H. Hill, 1632 Ridge avenue, left Wednesday on a business trip to Detroit.
Miss Grace Seelye, 724 Judson avenue, is the guest of Mrs. George Heath of Oak Park for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wheeler, 1513 Forest avenue, returned last Saturday from Charlevoix, Mich.
Mr. William Eastman, Jr., 2719 Walnut street, left Wednesday for the Boston Institute of Technology.
Mrs. Howard M. Carter, 826 Forest avenue, who has been in Denver, Col., for four weeks, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Horton, 818 Hamlin street, have returned from a short stay at Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hebblethwaite and family are at home after spending a few days at Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Mrs. John Trust Sickle, 1121 Lake street, entertained fifteen of her friends at an afternoon "tea" Wednesday.
Miss Myrtle Frost, 810 Davis street, has gone to St. Clair, Wis., where she will teach English in St. Clair college.
Miss Ellen M. Thompson, 845 Hinman avenue, has gone to Buchanan, Mich., to visit for a week with friends.
Mr. J. Cushen of Peoria, Ill., visited his sister, Mrs. R. H. McColl, 2127 Maple avenue for a few days this week.
Mrs. E. S. Bliss and daughter, Helen, 1612 Oak avenue, after spending a month at Charlevoix, Mich., has [sic.] returned home.
Mr. John Byam en route from California to Detroit, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norton Byam, 807 Judson avenue, Wednesday.
Miss Molly Sproule, 1637 Chicago avenue, returned Friday from Provincetown, Mass. Her mother will stay a while longer in the east.
Miss Adaline V. Smith,, 2026 Maple avenue, left Wednesday for Lake Forest, where she will spend two weeks with her aunt, Mrs. E. A. Nelson.
Miss Alice Carter, who has been visiting her brother, Mr. Howard Carter, 826 Forest avenue, has gone to New York City to attend Pratt Institute.
Loyal Wheelock, 1040 Hinman avenue; George Gill, 1900 Sherman avenue, and Gardner Rogers, 1206 Hinman avenue, will go to school this year at the University of Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Scovill, 932 Hinamn avenue, were in Freeport, Ill. last week the guests of Rev. and Mrs. Jenness, former Evanstonians, Mr. and Mrs. Scovill also visited in Rockford.
Mr. John Sebastian, 1005 Forest avenue, left for Martha's Vineyard Sunday, Mrs. Sebastian, who has been at her seashore cottage since June 13, will return with Mr. Sebastian after both make a short visit in New York.
Mrs. N. Haskamp, 2618 Ridge avenue, and her daughter, Miss Mary Haskamp, have gone to Elizabeth, Ill., where Mrs. Haskamp will remain for several weeks. Miss Haskamp will join a party of friends in two or three days and motor through Iowa.
Mrs. Harry Green, 703 Hinman avenue, is in Minneapolis, Minn., attending the sixty-seventh wedding anniversary of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Daniels lived in Evanston many years.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Webster, 2039 Sherman avenue, celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Saturday night by giving a family dinner. Mr. Douglas Stevens of Cayuga, Ind., Mrs. S. A. Dickie and Miss A. L. Dickie of Pittsburg, Pa., were the out-of-town guests.
Mr. Harold Pynchon is home from Canada.
Prof. Baillot, who spent the week in Lockport, N. Y., is again at home.
Miss Edna Betts, 2219 Central street, has returned from Champaign, Ill.
Mr. Ramsdell Lasher, 1411 Hinman avenue, has gone to Cornell this year.
Mr. Cyrus Williams, 2607 Park place, left Monday for Cornell university.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Montgomery of Roswell, N. M., are visiting cousins in Evanston.
Mrs. Peterson, 2516 Ashland avenue, has recently returned from a trip to Sweden.
Mrs. John Harding, 2408 Pioneer road, have returned from an outing at Plum Lake, Wis.
Mr. Beach of Prairie avenue has taken one of the boys' classes in the Covenant M. E. church.
Mr. John Raaen, Hartzell street, left Monday morning for St. John's academy, Delafield, Wis.
Mr. Charles Roberts, 2444 Hartray avenue, has returned from a short business trip to Michigan.
Miss Ruth Dixon of Rogers Park spent the week-end with Miss Beryl Faulkner, 2429 Central street.
William Neffs, 1516 Central street, expects to move this fall to their farm home near Racine, Wis.
The Misses Anna and Julia Jorgenson, 1908 Lincoln street, have returned from an outing in Michigan.
Mr. Henry Mitchell of Gary, Ind., spent Sunday with his sister, Miss Ruth Mitchell, 2302 Harrison street.
Miss Violet Reading, 520 Davis street, after a delightful vacation spent in Michigan, is again at home.
Miss Bessie Olsen of Bloomington, Ill., spent the week-end as the guest of Miss Edith Mathis, 2425 Central street.
Nellie Ianson, formerly employed by the Chandler book store, is taking a year's work at the Northwestern academy.
Mr. John DeWitt of Keokuk, Ia., is spending a few days as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bush, 2310 Harrison street.
Mr. Fred Wagner of Chesterton, Ind., spent the week-end the guest of Mr. Willard C. Davis of the Century building.
Mr. and Mrs. Jean J. Ridgeway, 1561 Sherman avenue, announce the birth of a daughter Sept. 22 at the Evanston hospital.
Mr. Edward Austin, Hartzell street, returned Sunday from Nebraska and will leave shortly for St. John's academy, Wisconsin.
Mrs. Milton M. Smith, 2106 Central street, has returned from Mushegon, Mich., where she was the guest of Mrs. Ford for a week.
Messrs. Elvyn MacRae, 2525 Park place, and Harold Bennett, 2508 Hartzell street, has [sic.] left for St. John's academy, Delafield, Wis.
Mrs. Eva Jones and daughter of Dodgeville, Wis., have moved here and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Callow, 831 Foster street.
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Jopkins and daughters, the Misses Lucy and Harriet, 1221 Hinman avenue, have returned from a summer trip in Europe.
Mrs. George H. Kelly and family, after spending the summer in their cottage at Lake Geneva, have returned to their home, 1203 Elmwood avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hill spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Dale, 2327 Central street. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are missionaries from South America.
Mrs. J. B. Bowdish and daughter, Miss Cora, 1501 Lake street, are back again from a summer spent at Muskegon, Mich., where they have a summer home.
The Wessman family of Ashland avenue soon will move to Tennessee, where they will join Mr. Wessman, who has a permanent position with a mining implement concern.
Mrs. Albert A. Lane and daughters, Marjorie and Elizabeth, who have been visiting Mrs. Lane's sister, Mrs. F. W. Cleveland, 2410 Pioneer road, for two months, have returned home to Youngstown, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoffheimer and baby, who have resided at the Greenwood Inn for the past year, will spend the winter in Florida. Mrs. Hoffheimer and the baby have been in Cinncinnati, O., for several weeks where Mr. Hoffheimer joined them yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nelson, 2045 Maple avenue have returned from Canada.
Mr. W. G. Nichols of the Hotel Netherland has just returned to Evanston.
Miss Margaret Steffens of Evanston gave a kitchen shower to Miss Mary Hughes last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Mallory and family, 1124 Asbury avenue, returned Sunday from a summer spent at Top-in-a-bee, Mich.
Mr. J. H. Hilton and family, 204 Davis street, returned Sunday from Charlevoix, Mich., where they have a summer cottage.
Thursday evening Mrs. John Dethloff of Winnetka gave a novelty shower to Miss Mary Hughes. Many beautiful gifts were received.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dickson and son, of Davis street, have returned from Red Cedar Lake, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Sheets, 2736 Harrison street, returned Saturday from the northern woods of Canada. Next week they will move to 1930 Sheridan road.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Pierce, 1810 Chicago avenue, have returned from a four weeks' fishing trip tp Red Cedar Lake, Wis.
Mrs. John R. Denyes, 1421 Emerson street, who was operated on about two weeks ago at the Evanston hospital, has sufficiently recovered to return home tomorrow.
Mrs. B. S. Adams, who has been in Iowa for a week, returned home Sunday and left again for a week at Saginaw, Mich. Mr. Adams will join her at the end of the week.
Mrs. Mary Bovee, Mrs. Wm. A. Burch and son, Arthur, after an absence of three months at Epworth Heights, Mich., have returned to their home, 1710 Asbury avenue.
Miss Mabel Mason, 2235 Harrison street, returned Monday from Des Moines, Iowa, after spending three weeks with her parents and will enter her sophomore year at Northwestern.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Bush. 2310 Harrison street, have returned from a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. John DeWitt, formerly of 2314 Harrison street, now of Keokuk, Ia.
Miss Dorothy Dale of Omaha, Neb., is stopping at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Dale, 2327 Central street, on her way to Auburndale, Mass., where she will attend La Salle seminary.
Mr. Harry Van Petten, 2323 Harrison street, is home from Idagrove, Ia., where he spent a few days with his wife, Mrs. Van Petten, who is spending a short time with her parents there.
Miss Agnes Ketcham of Englewood, N. J., who has spent the summer with her grandparents, Judge and Mrs. Richard S. Tuthill, 1142 Judson avenue, went Sunday to Englewood to attend the Dwight school.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cunningham, formerly of Pittsburgh, Pa., have come to Evanston to reside at 1249 Judson avenue. Mr. Cunningham is in the trust department of the Central Trust comapny, Chicago.
The marriage of Miss Mary Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, and Mr. Thomas Flood took place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at St. Mary's church. Father Egan officiated. Only the relatives attended. After a short wedding trip the couple will be at home at 2111 Maple avenue after November 1.
Mr. and Mrs. John R, Lindgren, 1144 Asbury avenue, will return home next week. Both have been enjoying sevn weeks' vacation, Mrs. Lindgren having been in the Adriondacks and Mr. Lindgren at Melorse, Mass. Miss Ethal Lindgren returned this morning from Muskegon, Mich., where she spent her vacation.
A pretty little wedding took place Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Meland, 1249 Judson avenue. The principals were Miss Margaret Hansen pf Evanston and Mr. Amiel Hansen of Pullman, Ill. Rev. Engstrom of the Swedish M. E. church performed the ceremony. The bride was attended by Miss Lillian Larsen as maid of honor. The groom's brother, Mr. Willam Larsen, was best man. A reception and wedding supper followed. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen will live in Racine, Wis.

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What People Are Doing in Evanston