What People Are Doing In Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 8 Aug 1912, p. 14

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Miss Rose LaVerne has resumed her duties at Rosenberg's after a vacation of two weeks. Mrs. A. A. Theobold, 1727 Orrington avenue, left Monday for a two weeks' vacation in Michigan. Mrs. F. L. Bund and daughter, 2509 Harrison street, are spending a few days in Hammond, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Parsons, 1732 Orrington avenue, left Monday for a two weeks' trip to Green Lake, Wis. After spending a delightful month in Wisconsin, Mrs. L. Abel has resumed her duties at Lord's store. Miss Amelia Guengrich of Gross Point has returned to Rosenberg's after having enjoyed a two weeks' vacation. The Misses Kolb of Norwood Park, Ill., were the guests of Charles Voight and family, 1524 Dempster sstreet, over Sunday. Miss Helen Nicholson, 921 Davis street, is spending a month at Havana, Ill., as the guest of Miss Elizabeth Denyes. Joseph F. Piersen, 1231 Oak avenue, has returned home after spending his vacation of two weeks with his family at White Lake, Mich. Miss May Ludlow, 918 Grove street, spent one week of her vacation at Lake Forest and the other entertaining friends from New York. Eron and Dare Reuben , 1235 Emerson street, have returned from their vacation trip to Detroit, Windson, Canada, and Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mrs. John Witt and daughter, Grace, 1723 Emerson street, are spending a few days in Michigan City, Ind., the guests of Mrs. Charles Meyers. Mrs. O. C. Coleman and son Morley, of Mansistique, Mich., are visiting with Mrs. Coleman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reading, 520 Davis street. Mrs. O. B. McCabe of Los Angeles, Cal., has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. B. Parsons, 2115 Ridge avenue, for the past five weeks. Mrs. Malcolm W. Gillis and daughter, Mrs. Tufts, 2135 Orrington avenue, were the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pierson at White Lake, Mich. Dr. A. V. Coffman, 2419 Harrison street, has returned from a short business trip to Mississippi, after inspecting some land owned by him down there. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Mitchell, 2303 Harrison street, left Friday for Point Aux Pins, Boisblain Island, Mich., and will return about September first. Mrs. W. S. Howell will join them later, returning with them about September 1. After spending two weeks at their summer home at Ludington, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ellis, 819 Madison street, has returned to their home in this city. The Misses Florence and Ella Taylor, 1456 Chicago avenue, left yesterday for a month's visit at Toronto, Canada, with their aunt, Mrs. Jacob Wilson. Mrs. La Chapelle of 2315 Harrison street, left Friday for Riverside, where she will visit her grandchildren, Dorothy and Jack Noyes, for about ten days. Mr. Clinton Merrick, 1322 Hinman avenue, in company with Mr. Tappan Gregory of Chicago, is spending his vacaton at Huron Mountain club in Northern Michigan. Samuel Meisner, 816 Davis street, has just returned from a two weeks' trip to Boston and New York. While in the east he visited the shoe factories at Rochester, N.Y. Miss Anna C. Moore, 814 Warren street, in company with the Misses Mary and Anna Donohoe of Duluth, Minn., and Grace Rhinesmith of Chicago, is touring Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Oates and children, 201 Orrington avenue, have gone on a month's trip to Cody, Wyo. They will visit Yellowstone park before returning home Sept. 1. During the absence of Mr. Wilson P. Watkins, secretary of the North End depatment of the Y.M.C.A., the department is in charge of Mr. B. V. Edworthy from the Central Department. Mrs. Robert G. Holabird, 2221 Harrison street, left Tuesday for a three weeks' visit in Pontiac, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Worstall, 2219 Lincoln street, will leave this week on an extensive fishing trip in Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hanson, 2035 Harrison street, and son, Milton, left Monday for a short visit in Pentwater, Mich. Mr. Steward Clark of Chicago spent the week-end at the home of his son, Mr. Lawrence Clark, 2402 Pioneer road. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Richards, 2526 Harrison street, left Saturday night for a two weeks' visit at Lone Tree Point, Mich. Mrs. Joseph H. Williams of Martinsville, Ind., is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Richards, 2526 Harrison street. Mr. Wilson P. Watkins, secretary of the North End department of the Y. M. C. A., will return today from a two weeks' visit at his home in Kentucky. Mr. G. M. Jorgenson of 1918 Lincoln street left Tuesday for Watertown, S. D., where he will be the guest of his brother for several weeks. Mrs. Frank Lunstedt and son, and Miss Laura Lunstedt of Lindsborg, Kansas, left Sunday after a week's visit at the home of Mrs. S. W. Youngquist, 2322 Harrison street. Mrs. John Bowman has returned from a month's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Merritt Mott of Rockford, Ill., and is now staying at the home of Mrs. S. W. Youngquist, 2322 Harrison street. Mrs. Daniel Devine, 1513 Greenwood boulevard, and her two granddaughters, Beatrice and Anna English, 1515 Greenwood boulevard, have returned from a week's visit with relatives at Waukegan. Mrs. Thomas Johnson of Cambridge, Mass., who is a delegate to the National Progressive party convention from Massachusetts, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Dwight H. Perkins, 2317 Lincoln street. Mrs. John Anderson and family, 2505 Hartray avenue, left Friday for a month's visit in Minnesota, visiting relatives and friends in Minneapolis, Pillager, Evansville and St. Cloud. Mr. Anderson will join them later. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peabody and family, 2512 Hartzell street, and Mr. W. H. Graves and daughters, Louise and Gertrude, 2109 Colfax street, left Sunday on a two weeks camping outing at Lac du Flambeau, Wis. Mrs. Altha Fletcher of Streator, Ill., has bought the house at 2306 Hartzell street. She and her son will take possession the first of September. Mr. Fletcher is a Northwestern university student and is a member of the Wranglers. Miss Anna Stedtler, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Edith Risser McKay, 2308 Central street during the commencement of the School of Normal Methods, has returned to her home in Rutherford, New Jersey. Mrs. F. S. Smith and daughter, Miss Catherine, of Oklahoma City, Okla., who have been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sumner Hall, 1122 Maple avenue, left Saturday for Augusta, Minn., where they will join Mr. Smith, who is doing engineering work at that place. Miss Gladys Day, formerly of 847 Judson avenue, is spending the summer at Island Villa, a tent camp in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, forty miles off the coast from Pedro, Cal. She will remain there during August and go to Long Beach, Cal., for the month of September. The culmination of a pretty college romance took place last evening when Miss Elizabeth Shotwell, 630 University place, was married to Prof. William H. Burger of the College of Engineering of Northwestern university. When a teacher in the music school Miss Shotwell met Prof. Burger at the meetings of the University union, a social organization for the instructors. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride's mother, 630 University place, the Rev. David Hugh Jones officiating. Mr. A. L. McLeod, 2505 Central street, has returned from an extended trip abroad. W. S. Gilmore and family have moved from 1906 Orrington avenue to 1828 Hinman avenue. Mr. E. K. Hardy and family, 1233 Crain street, are spending the summer at Snow Island, Mich. Miss Dora Brennan of Lord's store is resting at her chicken farm during her two weeks' vacation. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hermis and family moved from 2102 Maple avenue to 822 Foster street in July. Mrs. W. R. Mumford, 745 Judson avenue, has as her guest Mrs. George M. Furness of Pasadena, Cal. Mrs. F. S. Burd and daughter, 2509 Harrison street, have returned from a short visit in Hammond, Ind. Mrs. Sarah J. Wall, 722 Foster street, returned Saturday from a two weeks' trip to Birch Lake, Mich. Mr. Thomas White of the North Shore Grocery spent a few days at his home in Michigan last week. Mrs. H. F. Dougherty and little son left Monday for Atlantic City, N. J., for a stay of from four to six weeks. Miss Gertrude Brown, 416 Dempster street, returned Monday from her vacation spent at Mackinac Island. Mr. John Freeman has returned from a week's visit to his mother, Mrs. Simon Freeman, near Toronto, Canada. Miss Eva Hellstrom, 2514 Harrison street, and Miss Lillian Fitz Patrick, 2614 Prairie avenue, will leave tomorrow for a two weeks' outing at South Haven, Mich. Mr. A. B. Cooper of Detroit, Mich., has returned to his home after visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Drivess, 2704 Harrison street. Mrs. A. B. Cooper and son, Arthur Thomas of Detroit, Mich., are visiting at the home of Mrs. Cooper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Drivess, 2704 Harrison street. Miss Anna Jorgenson, 1918 Lincoln street, left Tuesday for an extended visit in West Branch, Mich., and will be joined by her sister, Miss Julia Jorgenson, the following week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Petten, 2323 Harrison street, have as their guests Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reed, Dr. and Mrs. Morehead, and son, Thomas of Ida Grove, Ia., for the coming week. Rev. and Mrs. John W. Hackley and son, Willam Hubert, spent Sunday as the guests of Dr. and Mrs. E. E Faulkner, 2429 Central street. Rev. Hackley filled the pulpit of the Covenant M. E. church. Mr. W. H. Graves and two daughters, Gertrude and Louise, 2109 Colfax street, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Peabody and family, 2512 Hartzell street left Sunday on a two weeks' camping outing at Lac du Flambeau, Wis. Miss Burgeson of Seneca, Ill., arrived Friday morning to be the guest of her friend, miss Ella Lee Harmon, 722 Foster street, for a week. Miss Harmon and her sister, Miss Isabelle, returned Friday morning from a two weeks visit to South Bend, Ind. Mrs. Louis B. Beardslee, 2314 Harrison street, entertained at a bridge party Tuesday. The following are the out-of-town guests: Mrs. Charles A. Florence and Mrs. Bruno Dick of Chicago, and Mrs. A. T. Armstrong and Mrs. J. B. Beardslee of Rogers Park. Mrs. Arthur J. Morgan and children, 222 Main street, left Monday for Marion, Mass., where they will spend a month at the seashore. Mrs. Morgan's sister, Mrs. H. A. Leekly of Muskogee, Okla., who has visited many times in Evanston, will come up from the south and join them. Mrs. Ida Lightcap, 722 Foster street, closed her dressmaking parlors last night until Sept. 1. She will go to her summer cottage at Birch Lake, Mich., where she will be joined by her sisters and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carter and son, Hal,of Purcell, Indian Territory. A very enjoyable truck ride was given Monday by the Young Ladies' Gymnastic class of the northern end of twn. The truck left from the Y. M. C. A. building, Prairie avenue and Central street, at 7:45, and after a trip to Glencoe, where refreshments were obtained, the main attraction of the evening was a ride on a merry-go-round. The Misses Katrina and Mildred Griggs, 1118 Judson avenue, have gone for several weeks to Saugatuck, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Clark, 1424 Judson avenue, and children, are taking a two weeks' outing at Mackinac Island. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wilson, 222 Lake street, left Monday for Mackinac Island, Mich. for a two weeks' vacation. Miss Netta Blakeslee of Lowell, Mich., is visiting her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Murray of Stewart avenue. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Kimball, formerly of 522 Church street, have stored their goods and have gone to Colorado for a long stay. Mr. J. F. Henderson is expecting his brother, Charles, of Los Angeles, Cal., Saturday. They will attend a family reunion in Ohio. Miss Marie Schommer of Appleton, Wis., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rartz, 919 Hinman avenue, for a few weeks. Miss Lizzie Kussow, 1104 Asbury avenue, and Miss Alice Parsons, 1024 Ashland avenue, will spend two weeks at Vandalia, Mich. "Doc" Gardiner of the Evanston Stock company has returned to this city following a delightful summer spend in Michigan. The Misses Jessie and Grace Whiting, 610 Forest avenue, are spending the week-end in South Bend, Ind., the guests of L. C. Whitcond. Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Mace, 1043 Maple avenue, started homeward Tuesday. They have been enjoyeing a three weeks' tour of Canada. Mrs. P. O. Miller and daughter, Alice, of Decatur, Ill., have been visiting for the past week at the home of Mrs. Ida Lightcap, 722 Foster street. Miss May O'Donnell, 936 Sherman avenue, and Miss Ida Burkland, 810 Oakton street, left Saturday for a two weeks excursion to Niagara Falls, N. Y. The Girls' Friendly society of St. Luke's church enjoyed a delightful social evening last night at the home of Miss Mabel Higgins, 835 Madison street. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Scofield, 524 Hamilton street, announce the marriage of their son, Thomas, to Miss Josephine Hill at Seattle Wash., on July 31. "The sweetest flower that grows" think Mr. and Mrs. John Weiland, 1516 Greenwood boulevard of their little son who came July 27 into the florist's home. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bogart, 1118 Maple avenue, have as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gamble of Dublin, Ireland, who arrived Tuesday and are on their wedding tour. Mr. Edward Earle, 622 Davis street, and sisters, the Misses Rhoda and Emma left Wednesday evening for Winnipeg and Manitoba, Can., to be gone until the last of September. The Misses Margaret and Elizabeth Fabaian, 1509 Ridge avenue, have gone for a month's vacation. They will spend part of it in the mountains of Vermont, the remainder in different places in Maine. Mrs. M. J. Hepburn of Philadelphia, Pa., who has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Malcolm B. Sterrett, 2505 Hartzell street, for the past six weeks, left Saturday for Stonynan, Camp. Va., to remain until September. Bishop William F. McDowell will give his interesting lecture, "Around the World." in the Norwegian-Danish M. E. church on Clark street, near Sherman avenue, at eight o'clock on the evening of August 16. The proceeds will go to the benefit of the Norwegian-Danish Girls' home. An automobile party consisting of Mrs. Charles Chadnick, the Misses Dorothy and May Wightman, Mrs. M. Wightman and daughter Miss Fanchon, and Mrs. Charles Lindsey came from Chicago Monday in two machines and took their friend, Mrs. J. C. Lindsey on a trip around Evanston after which all returned for lunch at Mrs. Lindsey's home 1934 Sherman avenue. The annual invitation tennis tournament of the Country club of Evanston will be held at the club courts August 17 to 31. Play in men's singles and doubles will begin August 17 at 1 p.m. The tournament is open to members of Evanston tennis clubs. Entries must be made not later than Friday, August 16 to Donald C. Miller, telephone 318, or Harold C. Pynchon, telephone 3535-R. Miss Matilda Johnson of 1230 Chicago avenue is on her vacation. Mrs. S. V. Slayton and daughter, May, left Tuesday for Hudson, Mich. for a three weeks visit. William Manly, who spent the summer in this city, has returned to his home in Concree, N. D.

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What People Are Doing In Evanston