What People Are Doing in Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 29 Aug 1912, p. 15

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M. McPherson & Co., successors to Madam Rita, 610 Davis street, are in New York.
Miss H. E. Davis of Lake Forest has taken an apartment at the Avenue House for the winter.
Mr. Walter Dorband, 1112 Sherman avenue, has returned from a six weeks' visit to Holland, Mich.
Miss Elsie Bateman of Elgin, Ill., is the guest for a few days of Miss Cora Callow, 831 Foster street.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Sherman, 1232 Judson avenue, left Thursday for a two weeks' trip to Ontario.
Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Alexander, 2040 Orrington avenue, returned home Monday from a trip to Green Lake, Wis.
Miss Mae Ludlow, 918 Grove street, and Mr. Albert Schaeffer, 1426 Elmwood avenue, spent Sunday at Oak Park.
The Misses Grace and Dora Sailor, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are visiting Miss Myra Robbins, 1713 Central street.
Mrs. R. J. Whitlock, 2608 Park place, and children, returned home Monday from their summer outing at Green Lake, Wis.
Mr. Fred Chilstrom of the State bank, and his wife have returned from a vacation spent in automobiling and at Lake Geneva, Wis.
Mrs. Florence Taylor and daughter, Miss Eva Taylor, who have been visiting relatives at Okauchee, Wis., for six weeks, have returned home.
Prof. W. L. Lewis of the Chemistry department, Northwestern university, and family will return this week from their vacation, which has been spent at Sayner, Wis.
Mrs. William J. Johnston (Johnson), 620 Custer avenue, wife of Police Sergeant Johnson, returned Sunday night from a two weeks' vacation spent in Park Ridge, Ill.
Miss Katharine Moore, of London, Ontario, Canada, left for home yesterday after a visit to her sister, Miss Rose Moore. of the Music Studio, in the Rood building.
Mr. William McKinnon of Van Deusen's grocery store is on his vacation. Mr. McKinnon is very fond of walking and will spend much of his vacation in this manner.
Mrs. Dana Webster, Miss Ida B. Lascelles and Miss Cecelia Hammel, 810 Madison street, sailed from Glasgow for home Saturday, August 24, and will arrive in Evanston September 1.
Announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Genevieve Sweet, 1722 Orrington avenue, to Andrew J. Moore of Leland Stanford university at Palo Alto, Cal. No date has been set for the wedding.
Henry Brasner, 1518 Hinman avenue, will entertain a few friends tomorrow night at his home. It will be in the nature of a farewell as he soon leaves for his Kankakee home where his friends offer him sincere welcome.
Mr. John Erbslow of the Northwestern barber shop on Orrington avenue, has bought the home of Mr. Marcellus Sweet, 1722 Orrington avenue, and is building an addition to it. Mr. Erbslow and family will move some time next week from 1607 Maple avenue to 1722 Orrington avenue.
Announcements have been received in Evanston of the marriage of Miss Mabel Dufford, formerly connected with "The Union Signal" and "The Young Crusader," official publications of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, with headquarters at Rest Cottage, 1730 Chicago avenue. Miss Dufford left this city to engage in W. C. T. U. work in Washington state about two years ago, and was married to Mr. Allan Pinkerton of Duvall, Wash.
Sunday about thirty of Evanston's young women met a party of Chicago girls at Lincoln park where they had lunch and a most delightful day. Those present were the Misses Mary and Catharine McAvoy, Mary McEmery, Gertrude Pekin, Nellie Kraatz, Martha Gaynor, Catharine Murphy, Mary Murtagh, Florence A. Pekin, Margaret an Bertha Johnston, Florence Quirk, Olive Morrison, Mary Healy, Bessie Bergmann, Irene and Winifred Rogers, Regina Swin, Anna Swin, Rose Butler, Martha Christianson, and Rose Becker.
Mr. John R. Bondurant of Cayce, Ky., has taken a position at the State bank.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Blockington have moved from Wilmette to 1812 Oak avenue.
Mr. William Weiss of Rosenberg's has gone on a week's vacation to Milwaukee.
Mr. E. T. Perkins and family have moved from 1519 Davis street to 1312 Oak avenue.
Mr. Arthur P. Miller of the W. L. Hess jewelry store, 809 Davis street, spent Sunday in Elgin.
Mrs. W. L. Brown, 217 Dempster street, has gone on a month's vacation to Port Arthur, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Dammarell of Chicago have resided for the summer at 562 Willard place.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tyson, 2115 Emerson street, have moved to the Westmoreland Country club.
Mr. Stewart V. Ayars, 2419 Lincoln street, returned Tuesday from an outing at Lake Geneva, Wis.
Miss Amy Hallstrom, 619 Grove street, has returned from a six weeks' trip travelling through the west.
Mr. Oscar Rothberg and Mr. Pat McDermott of Rosenberg's spent a week's vacation in Milwaukee, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. William Dehmlow, 622 Davis street, left yesterday for Paw Paw Lake, Mich., and will return Tuesday.
Miss E. Hutchinson, 2112 Maple avenue, entertained at a 1 o'clock luncheon Fridday. Covers were arranged for seven.
Miss Mabel Rice of the State bank returned Saturday from a delightful vacation spent at Lake Geneva, Wis. She was gone two weeks.
Miss Jennie Hilton of Chicago, more recently of Alliance, Neb., is visiting the Beake sisters, corner Church street and Sherman avenue.
Miss Margaret Berryman of Lord's store started on her three weeks' vacation Monday morning. She will spend it at her home in Springfield, Illinois.
Miss Harriet Bartle, 1719 Sherman avenue, left Friday to spend two weeks with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hahn, at Lake Forest, Illinois.
Mrs. Minnie Larson and daughter arrived Saturday from Gardner, Ill., to be the guests of Mrs. Larson's sister, Miss Oline Berkenes, 1235 Chicago avenue.
The Misses Helen and Virginia Montgomery, 1221 Davis street, are at White Lake, Wis., where they have been for three weeks and expect to remain a week longer.
Miss Anne Feller of the Grover block and her sister, Miss Helen Feller, and their cousin, Miss Kate Miller, have gone to Kankakee, Ill., for a three weeks' vacation.
Miss Agnes Duskin, 2164 Wilson avenue, Chicago, has become the successor of Mrs. John Cooper, nee Miss Elizabeth Bauer, at the head of the business office at Rosenberg's.
Mr. and Mrs. William Guthrie, formerly of 910 Church street, but now of 1918 Kenilworth avenue, Rogers Park, announce the birth of a son August 23. The little one is a nephew of Miss Mary Esplin of Lord's store.
Mr. E. A. Wyant of Belvidere, Ill., is working in the office of Mr. Arthur Bull in the American Express company's employ while Mr. Bull is on his vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Bull are spending their vacation at Star Lake, Wis.
Mr. E. W. Bookland, electrician for the Evanston theater, has a new "manager" whom later he expects to become his "assistant" in the small personage of a namesake, Edwin Wolfgang Bookland, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Bookland, who came here from Niles, Mich., are residing at 1304 Chicago avenue. The little son came on his mother's birthday.
Saturday evening at a lawn party given at the home of Mr. H. E. Gries, 1664 Pratt avenue, Rogers Park, Mr. Gries made announcement of the engagement of his daughter, Miss Margaret Gries, to Mr. Carl E. Suhr of Evanston. The announcement was responded to in a happy vein in a few well chosen remarks by Rev. William Suhr of Highland Park, father of the prospective groom.
Mr. William C. Lavare, 600 Davis street, left Monday for Mackinac Island.
Mr. William C. Hartray, 610 lake street, is away to the Bermuda Islands.
Miss Lola Peterson, 515 Davis street, is on a two weeks' vacation in Toronto, Canada.
Born, to Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Danforth at the Evanston hospital, a son, August 25.
Miss Grace Pynchon, 1731 Wesley avenue, is visiting in Lake Forest for a few days.
Miss Marie Graham of Thayer street spent the week-end in Chicago visiting among friends.
Mr. George B. Coover and family, 1916 Maple avenue, have returned from Valders, Wis.
Miss Vendla Johnson of 2306 Colfax street, has been spending a few days in Forest Glen, Ill.
Miss Mary Hargreaver and little nephew, Robley, 1121 Main street, are at Lake Geneva, Ill.
Mrs. C. A. Johnson of Jacksonville, Ill., is the guest of Mrs. George H. Scurlock, 824 Hinman avenue.
Mr. Henry Mitchell, 2302 Harrison street, will leave today for Gary, Ind., where he will spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forbes of the Greenwood Inn and Miss Julia Byam, 807 Judson avenue, are at White Lake, Mich.
Mrs. Frank S. Spohr and children, 2319 Harrison street, left Saturday for a visit at Lake Chattel, near Antioch, Illinois.
Mrs. E. T. Anderson of Indianapolis, Ind., is the guest of Mrs. George S. Green, 1230 Firest avenue, for about ten days.
Miss Maud Parker of the Parker apartments, after spending several months in the south and east, is again at home.
Mr. Herbert Lininger of Kansas City, Mo., is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lininger, 1127 Church street.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gatrell, 809 Lee street, are on a trip to the Thousand Islands, New York, Buffalo and other eastern points.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Mitchell and family, 2303 Harrison street, will return the first of September from the Point of Pines.
Mr. Willard C. Davis of the Century building returned Tuesday from his vacation, spent with his parents at Marcellus, Mich.
Miss Edna Rittenhouse, 1109 Grove street, has gone with Mrs. Harold Griswold, 1232 Ridge avenue, on a trip to Atlantic, N. J.
Mrs. H. P. Ground and Miss Matilda Gage of Aberdeen S. D., are visiting their mother, Mrs. M. W. McDonnell, 1045 Maple avenue.
Mr. James Allen Raymond of Battle Creek, Mich., has returned to his home after visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Neilson, 2200 Harrison street.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Franzen and sons of 2021 Harrison street returned Saturday from a two weeks' outing at Saugatuck, Mich.
Mrs. H. M. Boll of Rice Lake, Wis., and Miss Elizabeth Abbott of South Bend, Ind., are the guests of Mrs. C. M. Cartwright, 2215 Lincoln street.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Kattelle of Boston, Mass., are new residents of Evanston and are living in the home of Mrs. Ruth D. McKenzie, 114 Kedzie street.
Mrs. A. S. McNaughton of Escanaba, Mich., will leave this week for her home after spending a month as the guest of her sister, Mrs. E. E. Betts, Central street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Holland of Chicago are occupying the residence of Professor and Mrs. Willard E. Hotchkiss during the summer absence of the Hotchkiss family.
Announcement is made of the wedding of Miss Gudron Grafton, a graduate nurse of the Evanston hospital, to Mr. J. C. Kercher. The ceremony occurred Saturday, August 17, at Racine, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Kercher will be at home after October 1 at Fort Wayne, Ind.
The Misses Helena and Avena Smith, who have been living at the home of their sister, Mrs. Frank Y. Norris, 2407 Harrison street, for the past year, have taken a flat on the southwest corner of Simpson street and Sherman avenue, and will occupy it about September 1.
Miss Moulo (Moule) of London, Canada, is the guest of Miss Helen Thompson, 720 Simpson street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Poole, 1015 Forest avenue, left Saturday for Mackinac Island and Georgian Bay.
Miss Helen McHugh of Kalamazoo, Mich., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. J. McCauley, 1219 Elmwood avenue.
Mrs. Charles E. Smith and daughter, Gertrude, 631 Hinman avenue, spent the week-end at La Porte, Ind.
Miss Alamda Lehy, 536 Custer avenue, left Tuesday for New York. She will stop at Washington on her way east.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Tilton and sister, Miss Dorothy Sanford, 110 Kedzie street, moved to Boston, Mass., last week.
Mr. W. H. Johnson and son, Norman, 1616 Hinman avenue, left Tuesday for a three weeks' eastern trip.
Mr. Robert O. Egerton of Chicago is spending a few days at the home of Mrs. S. W. Youngquist, 2322 Harrison street.
Mrs. L. M. Bernheisel, 827 Washington street, is entertaining her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Ingold of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Billingslea and family, 1808 Chicago avenue, are expected home this week from Green Lake, Wis.
Miss Mary B. Lindsey, librarian of the public library, has returned home after spending her vacation at Lake Geneva, Wis.
Mrs. Lee Harban of Washington, D. C., who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Morton, 1225 Asbury avenue, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cassidy of New York, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Colby Davies, 1723 Asbury avenue, have returned home.
Miss Ada Gallagher of Zanesville, Ohio, has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Henry E. Halladay, 1513 Hinman avenue, for a couple of weeks.
Miss Marjorie Baillie of the Elmwood apartments and Miss Lillie Anderson, 813 Main street, left Sunday for a week's outing at Lake Marie, Ill.
Miss Bertha Smith, 1120 Madison street, and Miss Teresa Arndt, 602 Asbury avenue, have returned from a pleasant trip to Elgin, Ottawa and Niles Center.
Charles, May, John and Wilbur Moore will leave Wednesday for a week's bicycle tour to Elgin, where they will witness the road races the latter part of the week.
The Rev. A. L. Murray in speaking Sunday at St. Matthew's church on the subject "We Have Forsaken All and Followed Thee," paid a tribute to General Booth, who died last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fowler Watt and daughters, Nanine and Martha, 2712 Stanley avenue, returned Tuesday from Peoria, Ill., after spending a week visiting among friends and relatives.
Miss Lella Trivess, 2704 Harrison street, and her two nephews and niece, Arthur, Charles and Hazel Cooper of Detroit, Mich., have returned from Saugatuck, Mich., after spending a few weeks camping there.
The engagement of Miss Eleanor S. Anderson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Boswell P. Anderson of Colorado Springs, Colo., to Charles K. Moore, son of Mrs. Birney J. Moore of 418 Hamilton street, is announced.
Mr. Henry C. Bennett, manager of the real estate firm of Mead & Coe in the Chicago Title and Trust Company building, was married in St. Louis Monday to Miss Eleanor Richards his stenographer, who until recently lived at 4906 Kenmore avenue. Mr. Bennett resides at 2506 Hartzell street.
Mrs. Anne Coble Scott has rented her Ridge avenue residence until the first of next May, and will spend the winter in Paris. She expects to tour Spain before returning home. Mrs. Scott's daughter, Miss Helen Scott, will continue her study of music in Boston.
Mrs. John Bowman, who has been spending the summer with her daughter, Mrs. Merritt Mott of Rockford, Ill., has returned to the home of Mrs. S. W. Youngquist, 2322 Harrison street, until September 1, when she expects to move into her home at 2306 Harrison street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Stewart, and son of Madison, Wis., who have been visiting the family of G. P. Starkweather, 722 Emerson street, have returned home. Mr. Stewart was appointed by the governor of Wisconsin to represent his state at the Mississippi River convention, held in Chicago last week.
Mr. Garwood Burkett, 1483 (illegible) Maple avenue, is spending some time in the east.
Mr. Howard Stone, 322 Main street, is spending his vacation in Duluth, Minn.
Mr. Lester Quensel of Albany, Ga., is the guest of Mr. Alfred Williams, 322 Main street.
Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Faulkner and daughter, Beryl, 2429 Central street, are visiting relatives in Iowa.
Miss Leila Trivess, 2708 Harrison street, returned Saturday from a two weeks' outing at Saugatuck, Mich.
Mrs. E. W. Kidder, 2307 Harrison street, has as her summer guest Miss Isabelle Grant of New Orleans, La.
Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas and family of 2408 Harrison street have returned from their summer outing in Canada.
Professor W. H. Callow and daughter, Miss Cora Callow, 831 Foster street, spent a day this week at South Haven, Mich.
Miss Mary Esplin, 906 Church street, and Mis Mabel Peterson, 1419 Emerson street, both of Lord's store, are on their vacations.
Mr. William Dubreuil of Fennville, Mich., was the guest of Mr. Clarence C. Miles, 1628 Chicago avenue. He left Saturday for home.
Mr. A. L. Purves of the Avende House has returned from a three weeks' business trip to Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Gulf points.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clarence Brown and family, 2235 Harrison street, returned Monday from a two weeks' outing at Saugatuck, Mich.
Sentator Seelya and family of Iowa, who have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. carl S. Williams, 2233 Orrington avenue, left Monday for their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Earle A. Bronson and little daughter, Edith, and Mrs. C. A. Churcher, 800 Simpson street, are enjoying a vacation at Gull Lake, Mich.
Mr and Mrs. Carl S. Williams and daughter, Faith, and son, Weir, 2233 Orrington avenue, left Wednesday for New York for a three weeks' visit.
Mr. Henry Wittbold of Central street is building a bungalow a little west of his old home and it will be ready for occupancy about September first.
Mrs. A. H. Childs, 1564 Oak avenue, and Mrs. E. W. Childs, corner Ridge avenue and Milburn street, are entertaining Mrs. J. A. Giffen of Des Moines, Ia.
Raymond Bristow, 1138 Sherman avenue, who has been motoring to the different lakes of Wisconsin, is expected to return from Corliss, Wis., at the end of the week.
A very successful surprise party and shower was given Friday by Miss Clara Kilby at her home, 1016 Davis street, in honor of Miss Florence Evilsizor and Mr. Roger Kilby, who will be married early in October. Mr. Kilby was requested to invite Miss Evilsizor for a walk and incidentally stop at Miss Clara Kilby's. Their surprise was complete to walk right into the rooms where about forty-five of their young lady and gentlemen friends greeted them. The night being moonlight was ideal for a stroll to St. Mary's hall, where refreshments were served and a dance followed. Those composing the joyful company were: Bertha Voelker, Aaron Rubin, Julia Roberts, Julia Lawrence, Edd Nortenberg, Eva Borre, Charles Maitsen, Laura Koboldt, Olive Giolma, Charles Heppner, Julia Crook, Mary McEvoy, May Ludlow, Albert Schaffer, Edd Reed, Viola Reed, Helen Nellesen, Clara Kilby, Henry Kilby, Florence Evilsizor, Roger Kilby, Jerry Humbert, Oscar Rothberg, Elizabeth Kilby, Harry Long, Florence Kilby, Grace Kilby, Thomas Connor, Alexander Orchard, Arthur Speck, William Dugdale, Raymond Shaffer, Vira Savage, David Rubin, Anna Mae Wynn, Elmer O'Loughlin, Joseph Bodell, Alice Bodell, Nellie Gatrell, Celia Steinbuck, Mary Tait, Hedwig Dahllof, Lillie Dahllof, Raleigh Loch, Gertrude Witt, William Lock.

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What People Are Doing in Evanston