What People Are Doing in Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 22 Aug 1912, p. 14

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Whenever Mrs. Catherine Waugh McCulloch makes an appeal she is certain to obtain results. It makes little difference what the issue may be or how much or how strenuous the work is. She always receives favorable replies. And the persons who respond are not always members of her sex as you would naturally believe. Men, women and children flock to her standard whenever she beacons. Last week Mrs. McCulloch asked for persons to circulate suffrage petition blanks. She at once received offers from persons in all walks of life. Among these was a man seventy-six years of age and a stripling of a lad who has not as yet passed his fifteenth milestone. Many others have gone to work, and filled petitions are coming into headquarters like orders for wheatcakes in a restaurant. The women interested say the movement will be crowned with success. If such be the case Mrs. McCulloch should receive the major share of the credit. Her magnetic personality makes for success.;
Miss Martha Kelsey, 1807 Asbury avenue, has gone to Indianapolis to visit friends.
Mrs. Robert Holabird, 2221 Harrison street, is spending two weeks at Pontiac, Mich.
Miss Alice Witt, 2134 Asbury avenue, has returned from Rockford, Moline and Kewanee, Ill.
Miss Lillian Olsen, 1125 Sherman avenue, has gone on a ten days' vacation to Fox Lake, Ill.
Mr. O. W. Youngquist, 2318 Harrison street, left Thursday on a short business trip to Pittsburg.
Miss Tresa Arndt, 602 Asbury avenue, is spending her vacation visiting Miss Smith at Gross Point.
Miss Gretchen Rhoda, 1707 Sherman avenue, has returned from a two weeks' vacation spent at Peru, Ill.
Master Frank Sleeper, 1202 Sherman avenue, departed Monday to visit his uncle in Fond du Lac, Wis.
Miss Helen Wright, 1424 Elinor place, has gone to visit her cousin, Miss Agnes Russell, at Omaha, Neb.
Dr. Arthur W. Gould and A. F. Bull started Sunday for a ten days' outing at Ferncroft Inn, Star Lake, Wis.
Miss Annabel Haight, 2029 Harrison street, left Wednesday for a week's visit with her brother in Trenton, Mo.
The Misses Leona and Lois Oesting, 2653 Stewart avenue, are spending a two weeks' vacation in Richmond,Ind.
Dean and Mrs. Thomas F. Holgate, 617 Library street, will be home September 1 from a vacation spent in Wisconsin.
Arthur Ranous of Reba place has as his guests this week his brother, John, and his wife and daughter, Ruth, of Keota, Iowa.
The Misses Tessie and Kathryn Warren and brother, Philip, departed Saturday for a visit with relatives in Albany, Wis.
The Misses Beake, 1707 Sherman avenue, are entertaining their little nieces, Evelyn and Frances Beake, of Gray's Lake, Ill.
Mrs. William B. McNaughton, 2421 Hartzell street, entertained a few friends Wednesday at luncheon, Covers were laid for nine.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Sleeper, 1202 Sherman avenue, left Friday for Lake Port, N. H., where she will remain until September 1.
Miss Bennett, accompanied by her niece, Miss Eleanor Bennett, 2508 Hartzell street, are spending the summer in Denver, Colo.
Miss Helen Halcond, 724 Michigan avenue, who has been visiting in St. Paul, Minn., and Madison, Wis., returned to her home Friday.
Mr. Walter and Miss Hilda Phelps of Wilmette spent Thursday evening at the home of the Misses Kathryn and Jane Rose, 2410 Park place.
Miss Rosalie Frankel has returned to her home in Kalamazoo, Mich., after a month's visit with Charles Bartlett, 827 Greenleaf street. She will probably return to Chicago in October.
Miss Helen Mabel Jewell, 2708 Hartzell street has been at Cambridge, Mass., taking a course of study at Harvard. She is now in Portland, Me. She will return home about the first of September.
Mrs. Adam Weir and children, who have had a delightful visit of two weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Williams, 2233 Orrington avenue, have returned home to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
Mrs. Timothy Didier, 1509 Warren street; Mrs. M. Welter, 718 Wesley avenue; Mrs. N. K. Knepper, 1324 Warren street, started Saurday for a week's outing at Richmond, Illinois.
Mr. Joseph McNab left Friday for a fishing trip to Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Ward, 1725 Hinman avenue, are in the east.
Friends of Miss Louise Hollister, Central street, will be glad to learn she is recovering rapidly.
Miss Lillian Butow, 2625 Prairie avenue, has returned from an outing at Upper-Scott Lake, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Grantham and family have moved from 2384 Colfax street to 2415 Hartzell street.
Mr. Frank Whittier Smith and family, 1622 Ridge avenue, left Friday for Hermosa, Wyo., for an extended vacation.
Mrs. George B. Winter, 1229 Chicago avenue, and Mrs. Ray Catlow of Rogers Park, have gone to a fruit ranch near St. Joe, Mich., for a visit.
Miss Ruth Reading, 520 Davis street, left Friday for Manistique, Mich., for a three weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. O. C. Coleman.
Miss Isabel Branch, 2101 Harrison street, has returned from a few days' visit at the home of the Misses Ruth and Virginia Kemper of Chicago.
Mrs. Wilson and daughter, Agnes, of Freeport, Ill., are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Roberts, Hartray avenue and Lincoln street.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen of Middletown, O., who have been visiting their children, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stockton, 560 Cook street, have returned home.
The Misses Jessie and Belle Holtz of Baltimore, Md., who have been visiting their brother, Mr. H. T. Holtz, and family, 1513 Asbury avenue, for a month, have returned home.
Mr. Wilson P. Watkins, 2607 Prairie avenue, secretary of the North End department of the Y. M. C. A., left Saturday for the training school at Lake Geneva to confer with Mr. H. R. Bunce regarding plans for the coming year.
Mrs. George P. Mills, 2516 Park place, has just returned from Milwaukee, Wis., where she attended the Druggists' convention, as a delegate from the Chicago chapter of the woman's organization of the National Association of Retail Druggists.
Prof. Davidson and wife, 608 Church street, returned Friday from Boston, Mass., where they attended a six weeks' lecture course. Today they went to Carlson, Ill., to visit Mrs. Davidson's father, with whom the children have been staying during their absence in the east.
Mr. George B. Winter, 607 Davis street, is suffering from a sprained knee. The accident spoiled a nice automobile trip through Wisconsin which Mr. Winters had planned with his family. Camping and roughing it were to be the delightful additional features of the trip.
Mrs. Carleton H. Pendleton and children, Bradford and Hortense, 1735 Orrington avenue, have just returned from a two weeks' visit to Mr. Pendleton's sister, Mrs. W. R. Myers, at Oxford, Ohio. Before returning they expect to spend ten days with Mrs. Pendleton's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. O. F. Mattison, of Barington, Ill.
Mrs. Albert Ahrendt, 2398 Hartzell street, last Friday slipped on the floor of her home. In the fall her arm struck a bookcase, breaking the glass. She was taken to the Evanston hospital where twenty-one stitches were taken in the wounded member. She is now rapidly recovering from her injuries at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bull, 1105 Maple avenue, are taking their vacation at Waupaca Lake, Wis.
Dr. Dwight F. Clark of the Avenue House made a short stay at Winona Lake, Ind., last week.
Mr. Henry Bauer, and family, 1919 Dewey avenue, will visit friends for a to [sic.] Berrien Springs, Mich.
Mr. John R. Case of the Avenue House has returned from a three months trip to Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Guyton, 1730 Darrow avenue, announced the arrival of a son, born Aug. 13.
Mrs. W. R. Mumford, 745 Judson avenue, is entertaining Mrs. George M. Farness of Pasadena, Cal.
Mrs. A. A. Theobold, 600 Davis street, returned Saturday from a two weeks' outing at Cedar Lake, Wis.
Mr. J. A. Battle of the Avenue House has just returned from a three weeks' business trip to New York.
Miss Emily Henderson, 919 Asbury avenue, will be the week-end guest of Miss Frances Pratt at Lake Forest.
Mr. Henry Weiland and family of Denver, Colo., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. Weiland, 1917 Maple avenue.
John J. Jennings, 1733 Ridge avenue, left Thursday evening to visit relatives and friends at Beloit, Kan.
Mr. Nels Benson, 225 Greenwood boulevard, left last Monday for Minnesota, where he will spend two weeks.
Mr. Hiram B. Prentice of the Avenue House has returned from a ten days' trip to Mackinac, Petoskey and Charlevoix, Mich.
Mrs. George A. Locke, 2518 Ridge avenue, and her daughter, Ruth, went last week to Battle Creek, Mich. Ruth returned home Tuesday.
Miss Alice Mochon of the Black Hills, S. D., soon is expected to visit her uncle, Mr. O. J. Mochon of the North Shore Grocery company.
Miss Grace Deets of Des Moines, Ia., who has been visiting Miss Marie Shoemaker, 2400 Hartzell street, for six weeks, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Olinger of Cincinnati, Ohio, are visiting at the home of Mr. M. Weiland, 1917 Maple avenue. Mrs. Olinger was Miss Mary Weiland.
Mrs. John J. Harris, 947 Elmwood avenue, left Tuesday for Montclair, N. J., called there on account of the death of her father, who had been ill for some time.
Mrs. Ida Horning of Holland, Mich., returned Tuesday to her home after a visit with her son and family, Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Fisher, 2522 Jackson avenue.
Mrs. S. W. Parsons and Miss Gertrude Parsons of Ypsilanti, Mich., mother and sister of Mrs. John Armor Miller, 418 Greenleaf street, are guests of Mrs. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weiland, former residents of Evanston, now of Newcastle, Ind., are guests of Mr. Weiland's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Weiland, 1917 Maple avenue.
Mr. Leonard G. Shepard and family, 1110 Church street, have been enjoying a visit from Mr. Shephard's [sic]brother, Mr. William C. Shepherd [sic.] of Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. Edgar O. Blake, 621 Davis street, who is on a two months' trip of Europe with his family, leaves Paris today and will be at home about the 1st of September.
Miss Gladys Boesch of Wilmette is taking a two weeks' vacation at Elgin, Ill. Her position as stenographer, 615 Davis street, is being filled by Miss Helen Hendrickson, 1736 Darrow avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lord, 1577 Florence avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Connor, 125 Dempster street, are spending several weeks at Battle Lake, Minn. They are expected home this week.
Mr. Robert Rickey, father of Mrs. George P. Mills, with whom he resides at 2516 park place, has just returned from a visit to Guthrie, Okla. He was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Mary Washburn of Oregon, Ill.
Mr. Elliott Johnson, 1616 Hinman avenue, left last week for Nantucket, Mass., where he will visit at Mrs. Plummer's cottage. His brother, Mr. Harold Johnson, will go the first of next week to Buffalo, N. Y., for a week's trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Mace and sons, Walter and Ambrose, of 1042 Maple avenue, returned home Wednesday after an automobile trip of four weeks through Canada. They returned by New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Little Malcolm Swift, 838 Michigan avenue, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Swift, is ill.
Miss Henrietta DeLuney of Louisville, Ky., is visiting Mrs. Illaley, 903 Seward street.
Mrs. L. B. Tanner, 1827 Asbury avenue, is in Neponset, Ill., for a three weeks' vacation.
Mrs. S. D. Muir of Louisville, Ky., is visiting her sister, Mrs. James D. Heth, 820 Hinman avenue.
Mr. Frank L. Barton, 1827 Ridge avenue, has gone to Kansas City, Mo., for a few days' business trip.
Mrs. C. S. Barber and daughter, Miss Beatrice Barber, 1116 Michigan avenue, are on a trip to Green Lake, Wis.
The Misses Lilly and Mabel Olson, 1125 Sherman avenue, left Monday morning for a week's trip to Fox Lake, Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Bogart, 1118 Maple avenue, left Monday morning for a two weeks' vacation to Kilbourne, Wis.
Miss Ida Mae Brewer of Cairo, Ill., who has been the guest of Mrs. W. D. Black, 1141 Judson avenue, has gone to Stillwater, Minn.
Miss Harriette Lindstrom, 2111 Colfax street, is spending a two weeks' vacation in Ludington, Manistee and Hamlin Lake, Mich.
Mrs. F. S. Martin and daughter, Miss Lillian Martin, and Miss Sands, 1640 Sheridan road, left Sunday for a two weeks' trip to Big Moose, N. Y.
Miss Olga Rosenquist of Hartzell street, and H. W. Hines of Chicago were entertained Sunday at a dinner given for them by Mrs. Falk of Irving Park.
Mrs. L. M. Bernhisel, 827 Washington street, is entertaining her nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Ingold of Pittsburg, Pa., who arrived Sunday.
Mrs. W. F. McKenzie and children, Mary Louise and Kenneth, 2106 Orrington avenue, left Tuesday for a two weeks' visit with relatives at Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs. Walter Heiston, 1405 Judson avenue, has been entertaining Mrs. Elizabeth Farrow and Mrs. E. S. Ramsay and sister, Miss Carol Sperry of Washington, D. C.
Mr. J. W. Strong Reid and two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, 943 Michigan avenue, and Miss Katherine MacLeod, 930 Michigan avenue, left yesterday for Yellowstone Park.
Prof. George W. Davis, wife and daughters, Miss Helen and Miss Norma, and little grandson, 318 Main street, returned Saturday from Madison, Wis., where they have been spending the summer.
Miss Helen Record of Los Angeles, Cal., who has been the guest of Miss Grace Orchard, 2203 Orrington avenue, has returned home. She was accompanied by Miss Orchard.
Mr. E. W. Nowlin, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Ammons, 814 Michigan avenue, for the past two weeks, has returned to his home in Kirksville, Mo.
Mr. Henry W. Pond, 2319 Sherman avenue, left Monday for a two weeks' visit to his father, Mr. Warren J. Pond at Granville, O. Saturday Mrs. Pond will go to Muskegon, Mich., for a few days' outing.
Mrs. H. A. Pearsons, 1718 Chicago avenue, returned Sunday from a few days' trip to Pennsylvania. The same day she left with her niece, Miss Katherine Haddon, for a ten days' trip to Colorado Springs, Colo.
Miss Martha Johnson of Louisville, Ky., who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. James D. Heth, 820 Hinman avenue, for a month, has returned to her home accompanied by her father, Mr. Darwin Johnson of Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. Theo E. Williams, 322 Main street, entertained at luncheon Monday Mrs. Carl Davidson of Edgewater. Mrs. Davidson has just returned from Fox Lake, Ill., where she visited her parents, Mr, and Mrs. James Knapp.
The Misses Alice and Mabel Piersen and brother, William J. Piersen, of Lake street have returned from an extended trip to Alaska. They are now stopping with their brother, Mr. Joseph F.. Piersen, 1231 Oak avenue.
Mr. Kenneth Waterbury, 1505 Chicago avenue, is enjoying the summer at Grand Rapids, Wis. His uncle, Mr. G. W. Mead, owns and has bridged an island on the Grand Rapids river. There the young man joyfully whiles away the summer hours.
Mrs. William J. White, 323 Hamilton street, has returned from Paris.
Miss Bertha Heise of Lord's store left for Iowa Falls, Ia., Sunday night.
Miss Mabel Ward, 835 Ayars place, spent the week-end at St. Joe, Mich.
Miss Helen Ericson, 1421 Greenwood boulevard, has taken a position at Rosenberg's store.
Miss Gladys Kenley of Little Rock, Ark., will resume her music studies this year in Evanston.
Mr. Gordon Michler of Greenwich, Conn., is the guest of Mr. Jack Hunter, 1119 Judson avenue.
Miss Lydia Bruhn, 920 Wesley avenue, has returned from a delightful trip to Lake Geneva, Wis.
Mrs. C. L. Graham, 811 Washington street, returned Monday from a short trip to Waukesha, Wis.
Miss Vere Plummer, 828 Colfax street, returned Monday from a two weeks' vacation at Saugatuck, Mich.
Mr. C. K. Morris, wife and son, Ralph, 1718 Asbury avenue, left Tuesday for an automobile trip through Wisconsin.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Ammons, 814 Michigan avenue, entertained Mrs. Fred P. Bodinson at dinner Saturday.
Miss Janet Willoughby, 1018 Lee street, left Monday for Gull Lake, Mich., where she will spend three weeks.
Mrs. H. H. Donellon and little son, Samuel, 813 Davis street, have returned from a two weeks' trip to Muskegon, Mich.
Miss Esther Landin, 913 Elmwood avenue, left Monday to visit firends in Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids and Sand Lake, Mich.
Mrs. A. J. Morgan and children, 222 Main street, left the first of the month for Bussard's Bay, where they will remain until Sept. 1.
Mr. J. L. Wells and family, 1224 Oak avenue, left Saturday morning for Seattle, Wash., which place they will make their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Scheurman and family, 805 Michigan avenue, have returned from a six weeks' vacation spent at Frankfort, Mich.
Miss Amy Springer of 1742 Ashland avenue returned Saturday from a four weeks' delightful visit with relatives and friends in Baldwin county, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. William Allison of Springfield, O., who are on their honeymoon trip from St. Louis, are visiting friends at 1639 Orrington avenue.
Mrs. Mary Alton, Mrs. George B. Blanchard, and sons, Scott and Blair, 1112 Hinman avenue, have gone to Lock Haven, Pa., to visit Mrs. Blanchard's father.
Edw. Bruder, 815 Gaffield place, left Monday to visit relatives at his former home, Cleveland, Ohio. He will return home by boat, visiting at Detroit and other points in Michigan.
A letter from Florida tells of the birth of a daughter, Aug. 14, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Roy Millar, nee Miss Alma Bergensen, formerly of Evanston, at their home in Holly Hill, Fla.
Mrs. F. B. Carter, 1024 Judson avenue, entertained at an after-theater supper Monday at her home in honor of Mrs. Chancellor Jenks' birthday. There were eight guests present.
Mrs. H. H. Hoyt, 1425 Davis street, will give a supper party tomorrow evening in honor of her cousin, Mr. Gordon Michler of Greenwich, Conn. After the supper the company will attend a dance at the Country club.
The Misses Dora and Ruth Anderson, 1131 Maple avenue; Miss Helen Randlev, 1011 Maple avenue, and Miss Myrtle Patterson, 1912 Sherman avenue, returned Monday from a two weeks' camp at "Saints' Rest." Sawyer, Mich.
Miss Helen F. Davis. 318 Main street, will leave Monday for California. She will be accompanied by Miss Freda Boss of Superior, Wis., who will reach Evanston some time this week. They expect to spend a few months in the mountains of that state. Miss Norma Davis will return to the University of Wisconsin this fall, leaving for Madison after a short visit with her parents.
Mr. G. L. McKay, 909 Forest avenue, left Sunday for a western business trip. He will stop at Des Moines, Ia.; Lincoln, Neb., and other places, returning the latter part this week. Mr. Robert McKay left this morning for a business trip to Racine, Wis. The two McKay boys, Ernest and Louis, are expected home next week from the farm on the banks of the Mississippi river where they have been for some time.

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Leonard G. Shepard has his name and his brother's name spelled incorrectly. Mr. Shephard's should be Mr. Shepard and Mr. William C. Shepherd should be Mr. William C. Shepard.
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What People Are Doing in Evanston