What People Are Doing in Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 1 Aug 1912, p. 14

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Born to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nilles, 2212 Central street, Sunday. July 21, a son.
Mr. Walter Severson, 1147 Sherman avenue, is spending a week at Lake Minnetonka, Minn.
Miss Wilhelmina Hough is spending the summer at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. M. Mitchell, 2305 Harrison street.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Buffington, 1140 Forest avenue, returned last week from a visit of a few days spent at Erlanger, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Simmon of Boston, Mass., are visiting their son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Simmon, 1735 Wesley avenue.
The Misses Catharine and Mary Hayes, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hayes, 1121 Church street, are spending their vacation with their grandmother.
The Rev. Frank Wheelock, rector of the East Hampton parish, is at present visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Goodnow, 1627 Wesley avenue.
Miss Margaret Hayes, 820 Church street, who has been visiting in Yellowstone Park, has left for Spokane, Wash., where she will spend the remainder of her vacation.
An interesting talk on health was given Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Gertrude Waterbury, 1505 Chicago avenue. Quite a number were present, and refreshments were served.
Miss Eugenia Buffington, 1140 Forest avenue, is entertaining Miss Slaughter of Norfolk, Va., and Miss Maurice of Denver, Col. They have been Miss Buffington's guests for about ten days.
Ex-Alderman Stow has closed the old homestead at 944 Ashland avenue, where the family has been for more than twenty years. He has bought the house at 1020 Greenleaf street, where they are now living.
Miss Helen Stow and Miss Ruth Longman have returned from Yellowstone Park, where they spent two weeks. Miss Longman has gone to her home in St. Louis, Mo., and Miss Stow is at her home at 1020 Greenleaf street.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ely Danielson of 743 Lincoln parkway, Chicago, are occupying the Deering residence, 408 Church street, during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deering, who are abroad, Mrs. Danielson was formerly Miss Barbara Deering.
Mr. R. Clarence Brown, 2235 Harrison street, left Thursday over the Burliington road for Glasco, Kansas, where he will spend a few days visiting among relatives, after which he will go to Denver, Col., Gardner, Mont., and Yellowstone Park. A hundred mile automobile trip is also being planned through a part of North Dakota.
Mrs. William D. Dean, 1122 Judson avenue, and her sister, Miss Alice Haugan, will spend the month of August east among the mountains. Mrs. Dean will also visit the little colony of Woodstock, N. Y., during her stay east. Mr. Dean and Mr. H. G. Haugan expect to be gone during hay fever time. They will stay at Grand Island, Lake Superior, a part of August and September.
At a recent meeting of the Epworth league of the Covenant M. E. church, at which Dr. E. E. Faulkner presided, the subject, "Home and Its Influences on Children" was discussed. Following is an original poem read by the leader:
There's a spot we all remember,
Locked with memory's golden key,
Where as children once we gathered,
Where we played at mother's knee.
Years have brought their joys and sorrows,
Golden hair now silvery gray,
From those home ties still we gather,
Strength to help us on our way.
Though earth's trials so oft oppress us,
While on earth these years we roam,
A few years and all is over;
Sitting on the great white throne,
Christ with all the hosts of heaven
Welcomes us to home, sweet home.
--Dr. E. E. Faulkner.
Miss Lucretia Wright, 2715 Stanley avenue, is visiting in Mauteno, Ill.
Miss Ella Hahn, 1574 Asbury avenue, is spending her vacation in Wisconsin.
Miss Esther Swanson, 2639 Prairie avenue, has returned from an extended visit in Boston, Mass.
Mr. Knoppall of Chicago has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Green, 2328 Central street.
Miss Elsie Schmidt, 2316 Central street, has returned from a short visit as the guest of her brother in Wilmette.
Mr. Paul Dale, 2327 Central street, and two friends of Lewis Institute, left Friday for a visit in Lake Forest.
Miss Alice Haugan, 1122 Judson avenue, was one of the guests at a house party the week-end at Milwaukee, Wis.
Mr and Mrs. Robert P. Shimmin, Colfax street and Pioneer road, left Friday on a ten days' automobile trip to Ohio and Indiana.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Windsor and son, Henry, 1026 Forest avenue, have gone on a trip to Boston.
After a two weeks' visit at the home of her sister of Barrington, Ill., Miss Vendla Johnson has returned to her home at 2306 Colfax street.
Miss Violet Hussey of Chicago came yesterday and will spend about two weeks as the guest of Miss Esther Ahlbeck, 2229 Harrison street.
Dr. and Mrs. Earnest J. Ford, Central street and West Railroad avenue, have returned from a weeks' visit with Dr. Ford's mother in Ottawa, Ill.
The O. H. club held their first meeting at the home of Miss Barbara Sonsen, 2617 Harrison street, last Tuesday. A spread was given in honor of the occasion.
Miss Martha Palm, 2607 Prairie avenue, left Wednesday to spend the week-end on a farm in Marengo, Ill. Mrs. Agnes V. Palm left Friday to join her daughter.
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Root and son, Melvin, 2409 Harrison street, left last week on an automobile trip to Lansing, Mich., where they will visit relatives and friends.
Miss Beryl Faulkner, 2429 Central street, left Saturday for Des Moines, Iowa, where she will spend the remainder of the summer visiting among her friends and relatives.
Mrs. R. S. Risser, 2308 Central street, returned Friday from a month's visit in Nebraska and was accompanied by her nephew, Mr. I. M. Hershey, also of that state.
Mrs. Philip Braun and family, 2400 Central street, have returned from a six weeks' visit with her mother in Chicago, accompanied by her sister, Miss Clara Hollar, who is now at her home.
Mr. Wilson P. Watkins, secretary of the North End department of the Y. M. C. A., left Thursday for a two weeks' visit as the guest of his mother, Mrs. Watkins, in New Castle, Ky.
Miss Avis Coultas, a teacher in the Central Street school, and who has been staying at her home in Sycamore, Ill., has returned to Evanston to attend the commencement exercises of the School of Normal Methods.
Mrs. A. S. C. Clarke and daughter and son, Elizabeth and Robert, 831 Hinman avenue, will spend the month of August near Toulon, Ill., on a farm with Mrs. Clarke's sister. Miss Ruth Clarke has gone to Muskegon, Mich., to spend two weeks with friends. Dr. Clarke will attend the Layman's Forward Missionary Movement convention at Lake Geneva next week, leaving shortly upon his return for his vacation.
Several social affairs have been given in honor of Miss Dorothy MacIsaac of Richmond Hill, Long Island, who is visiting Miss Marie Gatter, 846 Judon avenue. Thursday evening Mrs. O. T. Smith, Chicago, gave a 500 party in her honor, at which there were four tables. Friday afternoon Miss Gatter invited her German club of North Side young women to her home for the afternoon. Sixteen girls were present and guessing games were played. This was to have been a porch party but on account of the sudden change in weather the young people had to be contented with the spacious interior of the home.
Mrs. Sarah A. Rising, 847 Judson avenue, is in Grand La Tour, Ill.
Mr. Wesley L. Knox and daughter, Edith, have gone to Lawton, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Edwards, 1435 Dempster street, are in Dayton, O.
Miss Georgiana Joiner, 841 Judson avenue, is visiting at Michillinda, Mich.
Mrs. Dr. J. B. Guthrie and daughter, Miss Caroline, have returned home from an extended visit in Canada.
Mr. Stewart V. Ayars, 2419 Lincoln street, left Saturday on a three days' automobile tour to Oconomowoc, Wis.
Mrs. Joseph Redman, formerly of this city, now of Chicago spent the week-end with friends in Evanston.
Mr. Robert O. Eggerton of Chicago is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Youngquist, 2322 Harrison street.
Miss Theodora Chaffee has returned from a ten days' visit in northern Iowa and is now at her home, 2501 Harrison street.
Miss Cora A. Frost, superintendent of nurses of the Conservatory of Health, has returned from Gardner, Ill., where she spent five weeks.
Miss E. Chapleton of Detroit, Mich., is spending this month the guest of Mrs. W. H. Hill, 1632 Ridge avenue.
Mrs. Agnes V. Palm, 2607 Prairie avenue, left Friday for Marengo, Ill., where she will spend the week-end with her daughter, Martha, on a farm.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Jewell and children, Josephine and Philip, 930 Hinman avenue, have gone to the Y. M. C. A. camp at Lake Geneva for a month's stay.
Miss Beryl Faulkner, 3429 Central street, left Saturday for Des Moines, Ia., where she will spend the remainder of the summer visiting among relatives.
Mrs. O. C. Bach of Ravenswood, who, with her two children, has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. albert Graff, 846 Judson avenue, returned to her home Friday.
Mrs. A. H. Peirce, 1209 Hinman avenue, and Miss Charlotte Peirce left Sunday morning for Colorado Springs to be absent for some time. Miss Louise Peirce is touring in Europe.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ewald and daughter, Gladys, 750 Hinman avenue, have returned from the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Milligan near Aurora, Ill., known as Milligan Farms.
Mrs. John Leyner with little daughter, Lorraine and Mrs. Philip Punch and granddaughter, Genevieve Clifford, all of Ayars place, are visiting relatives in Waukesha and Pewankee Lake, Wis.
Mrs. Robert O. Vandercook and daughter, Frances, 2610 Harrison street, left Sunday on an automobile trip to Lake Geneva, Wis., intending to prolong the visit from one week to two weeks.
Mrs. J. S. Crosby, 803 Sherman avenue, returned from the Evanston hospital Thursday, where she has been for the past two weeks, having been taken there very suddenly for an operation. Friends and acquaintances will be glad to learn of Mrs. Crosby's steady recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ross and daughter, Dorothy, 2410 Park place, and Mr. E. L. Kappelman, 2019 Pratt court, left Friday on an automobile trip to Allegran, Mich., where they will join the Misses Kathryn and Jane Rose, who are visiting at the home of Miss Charlotte Kent.
Miss Nanine Watt, 2712 Stanley avenue, has returned from a pleasant visit in Oklahoma as the guest of Miss Henrietta Knox, formerly of Evanston, accompanied by Mrs. Knox and two children, who will spend a month here visiting her sister, Mrs. Richard Harvey, 1612 Central street.
About twenty-six young people gave a hayrack party Friday evening. The hayrack left from the home of Miss Ruth Risley, 2316 Harrison street at 8:30, and after a very delightful ride the party went to the home of Miss Frances Vandercook, 2610 Harrison street, for refreshments. Dancing was the particular pleasure of the evening.
Mr. H. W. Walker, secretary of the Evanston Commercial association, has gone with Mrs. Walker for a three weeks' visit in the east. They will stop in Washington and New York for a few days and visit relatives in and about North Wilbraham, Mass., for two weeks. Mr. H. D. Baker will have charge of the Commercial association during the absence of the secretary.
Bishop W. F. McDowell, 1936 Sheridan road, has gone to Chautauqua, N. Y.
Mrs. A. L. Cayser, 418 Hamilton street, is at Interbrook Lodge, Keen Valley, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Metzer and children, 1122 Main street, are at Quincy, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Vose, 1131 Ridge avenue, are to spend August at Woodruff, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Alabaster, 719 Noyes street, have gone on a trip to Hollywood, Cal.
Mrs. W. S. Shields and family, 928 Elmwood avenue, left Saturday for Lake Geneva, Wis.
Mr. George Knapp, 621 Sheridan road, left Wednesday to spend his vacation at Elgin, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs/ H. N. Tyson and family, 1011 Forest avenue, have returned from Eagle River, Wis.
Mrs. Frederick Munroe Wheeler, 639 Forest avenue, is entertaining Miss L. Gillies of Davisburg, Ind.
Miss Elsie Pitkin, 2526 Ashland avenue, had as her week-end guest Miss Helen Jennings of Oak Park.
Mr. Alvin Fargo of St. Louis, Mo., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fargo, 723 Judson avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Payne and son, Herbert, 713 Hinman avenue, are spending their vacation at Ephraim, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Kittridge and Mrs. M. R. Maxwell, 413 Grove street, left last week for East Northfield, Mass.
Mrs. W. G. Alexander, 2040 Orrington avenue, returned Saturday from a short visit in Red Oaks and Emerson, Iowa.
Miss Ruth Bannister, 828 Judson avenue, has as her guest her cousin, Miss Frances Bannister of Kewanee, Illinois.
Mr. Alfred Williams, 322 Main street, left Saturday night for Onekama, Mich., where he will spend his vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Day, 1322 Judson avenue, are spending the summer in their cottage at Mackinac Island, Mich.
Mrs. Albert H. Graves, 630 Forest avenue, left Saturday for an eastern trip. She will visit in Buffalo and other points of interest.
Mrs. A. W. Sparks and daughter, Miss Dorothy, 730 Michigan avenue, are spending their vacation at Naomi Cottage, Sherwood Bay, Mich.
Mrs. O. F. Carpenter and daughter, Catherine, 746 Forest avenue, returned Saturday from Rushville, Minn., where they spent a month's vacation.
Miss Laura Knaggs, 720 Michigan avenue, is entertaining her cousin, Miss Olive Jones of St. Louis, Mo. She also has as her guest Miss Lucy T. Ellis of Phoenix, Ariz.
Dr. E. P. Clapp and family have come from their winter home in California to spend the month of August at their summer home, 1420 Chicago avenue. The [sic.] arrived Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Allen, 1626 Hinman avenue, are spending their vacation at Michillinds, Mich. Their daughter, Miss Ruth B. Allen is spending the summer at Charlevoix, Mich.
The Misses Lucile and Natasha Johles, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Harris, 716 Michigan avenue, are entertaining at a house party Miss Florence Dick of South Bens, Ind., and the Misses Helen and Marie Hawthorne, twin daughters, of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawthorne of Grayville, Illinois.
The guests of Miss Marie Shoemaker, 2400 Hartzell street, Miss Marjorie Robbins of London, England, and Miss Katherine Conrad of Des Moines, Iowa, left Friday. Miss Robbins went from here to Irving Park where she will visit an aunt before returning to her home in England, and Miss Conrad is visiting in Mineral Point, Wis.
Mrs. Frederick Arnd, Glen View Golf club, Miss Charlotte Peirce and Mrs. Charles C. Griswold, 1741 Hinman avenue are Evanston women who are actively interested in the Providence Day nursery. Mrs. Arnd is vice chairman, Miss Peirce corresponding secretary and Mrs. Griswold an active member. Today a garden party, for the benefit of the nursery, will be given in the gardens surrounding the houses of Mrs. H. B. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Peabody and Mrs. J. L. Noughteling in Winnetka, whose estates are adjacent. It will be one of the most attractive entertainments of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. George Iredale, 1574 Sherman avenue, are at Elkhart Lake, Wis.
Mr. Maurice Lane, 714 Reba place, is spending his vacation at White Lake, Mich.
Miss Margaret Payne, 713 Hinman avenue, is entertaining Mrs. Charles H. Carpenter (nee Esther Chatterdon) of Oak Park.

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What People Are Doing in Evanston