What People are Doing in Evanston
Lake Shore News (Wilmette, Illinois), 18 Jul 1912, p. 14

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Mr. Morris Wilson is the guest of his brother, Mr. Oliver WIlson, at Mackinac, Mich.

Prof. Alphonse de Salvio of Northwestern University is spending the summer in Boston.

Mrs. Alfred E. Holt, 1209 Maple avenue, is visiting in Rockford, Ill. She will be gone two weeks.

Mrs. Frank R. Seelye, 724 Judson avenue, is entertaining Mrs. J. S. Baker of Philadelphia, Pa.

Mrs. Jessie H. Hammond, 744 HInman avenue, will spend part of the season at White Lake, Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fulcher, 725 Foster street, left Thurday for a short visit in Madison, Wis.

Miss Lena Magnuson, 1133 Leonard place, has returned after a few days' visit with friends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Towne and daughter, 819 Judson avenue, are spending the summer at Lake Ripley, Wisconsin.

Mr. E. G. Duble, 927 Ridge avenue, is taking a trip through the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Colorado.

Miss Henderson of Washington, D. C., is visiting her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Henderson, 913 Forest Avenue.

Mr. and Mr. E. B. Bragg and family, 1838 Chicago avenue, are spending the summer at Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada.

Prof. and Mrs. E. P. Baillot, 2109 Sherman avenue, are spending several weeks at the De [illegible] farm, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Mrs. Frank Rasmussen and little son, 741 Judson avenue, have gone to Berrien, Michigan, where they will remain during July and August.

Mrs. F. A. Chapman and daughter, Helen, 1122 Michigan avenue, are visiting Mrs. Chapman's daughter, Mrs. J. F. Rheimbolt of St. Paul, Minn.

Mrs. Edward Middleton, 2026 Orrington avenue, had as her guests Thursday Mrs. Norman Carr of Aurora and Mrs. Henry Clay Miller of Highland Park.

Mrs. M. S. Woodward and son, Warren, have gone on a month's trip among the Thousand Islands and Georgia Bay. They will spend the month of August camping at the Rushmere Club, St. Clair Flats, near Detroit, Michigan.

Column 2
Mr. Horace G. Butler, 2519 Harrison street, has gone to Oklahoma on a business trip.

Miss Grace Bartlett of Batavia, N. Y., is the guest of Mrs. C. L. Bartlett, 1415 Judson avenue.

Mr. Arthur B. Smith, 2324 Hartzell street, returned Friday from an extended business trip to Buffalo, N.Y.

Mr. E. D. Shaw of Oskaloosa, Iowa, is visiting his son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Boyer, 1924 Jackson avenue.

Miss Eva Hardin, 2135 Sherman avenue, left Thursday to spend July and August at LaSalle, Illinois, the guest of her sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Kaulbach, who have been living at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gradler, 2520 Harrison street, have moved to Chicago.

Mr. Franklin Milner has just returned from Michigan and is now with the Central pharmacy, Central street and West Railroad avenue.

Friends of Miss Louise E Hollister, 2106 Central street, will be glad to learn that she is recovering from a recent attack of pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Keighley, 2515 Hartzell street, have as their guests Mr. Keighley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Keighley of Port Arthur, Canada.

Miss Vera Bonsall of Spokane, Washington, who has been visiting Miss Pauline Murphy, 1145 Maple avenue, left here Thursday for her home.

Mrs. Ella B. [illegible], 2621 Hartzell street, has gone to [illegible], Idaho to make an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Archie M. Larson.

Mrs. Roberts who has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rose, 2410 Park place, left Thursday for her home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mrs. W. J. Soppen [unclear], 2614 Harrison street, entertained a few of the neighbors last Tuesday afternoon, in honor of Mrs. J. A. Moore of New York, formerly of Evanston.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. redman, 823 Reba Place, who left here in the spring to make their home in Des Moines, Iowa, have returned and are living on the south side of Chicago.

The Epworth League [illegible]. The change [illegible] lasting until about Sept. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. [Illegible] Moore, who have been visiting Mr. W. J. Sonnen [unclear] 2614 [illegible] street, have gone to southern Illinois to visit Mrs. Moore's people before returning to their home in New York.

Miss Marion Hunt of Robertsdale, [illegible], here visiting Miss Ethel Gale, Lincoln street and Elm Avenue. Miss Hunt was formerly of Evanston. She will spend about three weeks at the home of Miss Gale.

A picture postal received from Mrs. H. M. Sage advises that she and Miss Dorothy will sail August 10 for the homeland. The postal indicates that they have been living in a most picturesque spot, the quaint old town of Chateau d'Oex. The green slopes are dotted with Swiss chalets, some of which were built as long ago as 1632. The mountains are snow-capped and many of the streams of water are made to produce electricity for lighting the little town. A very hearty welcome awaits Mrs. Sage and Miss Sage by the many friends they left in Evanston.

Sixty of the women of the local Congregational church lend an enjoyable picnic in the grove at the foot of Milburn street last Wednesday. The gastronomic feature of the occasion was a box luncheon, but Mrs. George Bridge augmented the lunch with coffee, ice cream and cake. After the luncheon an interesting meeting was held. Mrs. J. J. Collins, the president of the Women's Home Missionary society, presided Mrs. A. D. Sanders, Sr., told of a scheme for raising money for a needy church which she calls "Social Wheels." Almost all of the women present promised to be wheels and invite at least ten other women to be spokes in their wheels, the spokes paying 10 cents each for the privilege. Miss Lydia Finger, the field secretary for the Congregational Church Building Society, delivered an interesting and humorous address.

Column 3
Miss Helen Brown, 808 Grove street, is visiting her cousins in Racine, Wisconsin.

Rev. Horace B. Williams, 2226 Central street, has returned from Mishawaka, Indiana.

Miss Gillette, 1726 Hinman avenue, has gone to Charlevoix, Michigan, for the summer.

Miss Hazel Filar, 1125 Elmwood avenue, has gone to Argos, Indiana, for a short stay.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harding, 1624 Wesley avenue, are spending the summer at Plum Lake, Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Murdock, 725 Noyes street, are staying at Harvard Club, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for the season.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Grover, 1100 Hinman avenue, and son, Mortimer, are spending the summer at Les Cheneaux, Michigan.

Mrs. John W. Douglas and children, 2404 Harrison street, will spend this month and August at Murray Bay, Canada.

Miss Marjorie DeGolyer, 1819 Hinman avenue, left Thursday for Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota. She expects to be away two months.

Mr. W. B. Lewis, 1127 Hinman avenue, returned last Wednesday from a business trip to Louisiana, Tennessee, and other southern states.

Fred Mann, 1565 Sherman avenue, left Thursday for a week's trip to Michigan. He went to Detroit and from there visited many places of interest.

Mrs. O. F. Carpenter and daughter. Catherine, 746 Forest avenue, are visiting Mr. Carpenter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Niles Carpenter, Rushford, Minnesota.

Miss Blanche A. Ahrendt, 2314 Hartzell street, returned last week from a short visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Priesmeyer of Sheridan road, Lincoln Park.

Miss Gertrude Roome, 837 Hinman avenue, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Reese Bowman Kester of Kansas, who has a summer cottage at Epworth Heights, Ludingon, Michigan.

Mrs. Horace G. Butler 219 Harrison street, and two children, left Thursday for Champaign, Illinois, returning with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Rolff, who have been visiting her for some time.

Mrs. Joseph W. Williams of [illegible], Indiana, and two sons, richard and Junior, came today, and will spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Richards, 2526 Harrison St.

The picnic of the Delano chapel Sunday School was held Thursday afternoon in the park at the foot of Main street. The entire Sunday School and teachers spent an unusually enjoyable day.

Miss Marie Shoemaker, 2400 Harrrison St., has as her guests Miss Marjorie Robbins of London, England, Miss Katherine Conrad and Miss Grace Deets of Des Moines, Iowa. They will remain during July.

Mrs. H. B. Judson, 912 Ridge avenue, and her friend, Mrs. Charles Negley, from Miles City, Montana, returned Friday from Grand Rapids and Saugatuck, where they visited Mrs. Schreiber, formerly of this city.

Rev. Albert L. Fisher, pastor of Wheadon M. E. Church, will return from his summer home near Benton Harbor, Michigan, to preach on Sunday. He will spend the weekdays there with his family during July and August, returning each Sunday to fill his pulpit.

On Wednesday, July 24, the Foreign Missionary society enthusiasts of the Congregational Church are to enjoy a picnic on the grounds adjacent to the home of Miss Burge in Wilmette. Mrs. Guy S. McCabe is to give some of her delightful impersonations on a little stage to be erected out of doors.

Prof. and Mrs. Wilbur Jones-Kay were entertained for a few days at the home of their uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. Finley Ellingwood, 2209 Central street. Prof. Kay is well known in Evanston, having lived here several years while taking his academy and college courses. He finished this course at the University of Chicago and was recommended from that institution to the chair of oratory and public speaking in the Washington and Jefferson college at Washington, Pennsylvania, which chair he has filled with great credit for ten years. Mrs. Kay was also known in Evanston as Miss Fannie Jones, one of the former teachers at the Lincoln School on Main street.

Column 4
Mrs. T. W. Heermans, 1216 Judson avenue, is at Whitehall, Mich., for the summer.

Mrs. T. C. Keller, 1007 Greenwood boulevard, is spending July at Mattapoisett, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith, 634 Judson avenue, announce the birth of a daughter, Wednesday, July 3.

Mrs. Bogart, 1111 Maple avenue, has returned after spending some time with her daughter in Englewood.

Mrs. George A. Kelley and little son, 824 Hinman avenue, have returned from a several weeks' visit at Troy, New York.

Mrs. Walter B. Jones and son, 1242 Maple avenue, are making an extended visit with Mr. Jones' parents in Denver.

Mr. Frank Kadlec, who has been in the St. Francis hospital, is now rapidly improving from her long siege of sickness.

Miss Edith Chase, 811 Washington street, left Saturday for St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, where she will visit for some time.

Mrs. William H. Maclear and daughter, Mary, 742 Michigan avenue, are visiting Mrs. Leeds Nelson (Isabelle Maclear) in Montreal, Canada.

Miss Margaret Hayes, 820 Church street, left Friday for Yellowstone Park, and from there she will go to Spokane, Washington, to be gone until September.

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ludlow, Forest avenue and Hamilton street, left Monday for Green Lake, Wisconsin. While there they will stop at Pleasant Point hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Morse, 1019 MIchigan avenue, have gone to Green Lake, Wisconsin, where they will remain until August 1. They will stope a Pleasant Point hotel.

Mrs. Lincoln Nissley, and two daughters, Violet and Iaone, 711 Madison street, have gone on an extended trip to Canada. They will visit Toronto, Montreal, the Thousand Islands, and other Canadian points.

Mr. E. H. Lapham and daughter, Miss Helen, 822 Sherman avenue, and Mr. George S. Ballard and daughter, 826 Reba place, left Saturday for the Georgian Bay trip. They will be on the water eight or nine days.

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hitchens and family, 1124 Judson avenue, are spending the summer at St. Jean Evengeliste, Canada, 300 miles north of Quebec. They are in virgin forest, on a beautiful stream, where hunting, boating and fishing occupy their time.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ricks and daughter of Chicago have taken the residence of Mr. William J. Piersen, 827 Lincoln street, for the summer. Mr. Piersen and sisters, Miss Alice and Miss Mabel, are taking a trip to Alaska, and will probably go to their brother's farm in Michigan on their return for the rest of the season.

The Rev. James Madison Stiffler left Monday, to be gone until September. During his absence the pulpit of the First Baptist church will be filled by well known Baptist preachers, among whom are Dr. D. T. Denman of Oak Park, Dr. Gerald B. Smith of the University of Chicago, and Dr. Benjamin Otto of Peoria.

Next Saturday the Sunday School of Hemenway M. E. Church will hold their annual picnic at Foss park, North Chicago, leaving here at 9:15 a.m. and returning from there at 5 o'clock. There will be games for the children and a good time in store for all who attend. the members of the picnic committee are: Messrs. John W. Fellows, F. J. Stark, James Whitfield, S. F. Burden, James D. Wigginton, S. H. Cocker, Frank Milhening and Miss Edna Harrer.

The young ladies' gymnasium class of the northern part of town enjoyed a very pleasant evening at the home of Miss Marion Stewart, Central street and Stewart avenue, Wednesday evening. The grounds were beautifully decorated and strung with Japanese lanterns. Owing to the fact that the class boasts a number of artists, a very interesting program was given. Miss Lydia Leichsenring gave a solo dance, and later was assisted by her sister, Miss Jane, in the Highland Schottische. Both were given in their usual charming manner. Miss Sigrid Aronson read, and a vocal solo was rendered by Miss Johnson. The class quartet was especially appreciated for its efficient rendition of the class prophecy to the tune of "Illinois." All the members took part in the folk dances and refreshments.

Column 5
Miss Mary L. Childs, 600 Davis street, is in Milwaukee for the summer.

Mrs. H. D. Dart left for Thor, MIchigan, last week, accompanied by her son, Raymond.

Mr. Alfred Rees, the artist, has opened a studio at 52 Washington street, Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Wilcoxon, 1030 Maple avenue, have just returned from a visit at Terre Haute, Indiana.

Miss Agnes Conovan, 306 Century building, has returned from a four months' trip through the west.

Mrs. Loag Johnson, 811 Washington street, has just returned from a six weeks visit at Providence, Rhode Island.

Mr. Wilson P. Watkins, 2607 Prairie avenue, spent Sunday with some of his college friends in Chicago, Illinois.

Miss Marion Murphy, 719 Michigan avenue, is entertaining her cousin, Miss Mildred Murphy of Oklahoma.

Miss Mary Collard of Chicago is spending the summer here, and making her home in the Century building.

The Sewing club will be entertained this afternoon at the home of Miss Ruth M. Jenkins, 2710 Stanley avenue.

Mrs. Mary Wells of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George S. Valentine, 2407 Pioneer road.

Miss Florence Graham, 811 Washington street, left Monday for Green Lake, Wisconsin, where she will spend three or four weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Pond and daughter, Elizabeth, 707 Michigan avenue, have left to spend their vacation at Chetok, Wisconsin.

Mr. George Wittbold, Central street near Reese street, returned Saturday night from the Boy Scout camp at Crystal Lake, Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. William Green and family, 2324 Central Street, have returned from a two weeks' outing at Crystal Lake, MIchigan.

Prof. Edward Colebeck of Birmingham college, Alabama, was the guest of Mr. William C. Levere, 600 Davis street, over Sunday.

After a two weeks' visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. William Blair, Miss Rebecca Blair has returned to her home at 1911 Central street.

Miss Mollie M. Moore, 814 Warren street, and Miss Lou V. Fuelong, 834 Washington street, left Saturday for the Thousand Islands and Quebec.

Miss Jessie Hauser, 722 Monroe street, has returned from a visit with her uncle in New York City. While east she visited other points of interest.

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What People are Doing in Evanston