Loyola Academy: Honors Convocation May 6
Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 11 Jun 2009, p. 23, 24, , 26

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Loyola Academy held its annual Honors Convocation May 6. The awards listed below do not include those that have been previously reported. Academic Awards went to the following students: Marilyn Bass '12 of Evanston; Amanda Smith '12 of Glenview and Kristen Cunningham '12 of Chicago (60647) were the best among those who prepared a 20-line oral interpretation from one of Shakespeare's plays.

The following students earned Writer of the Month recognition: Gina Vrablik '09 of Inverness; Ann Marie McGuire '11 of Palatine and Grace Robertson '12 of Evanston; Mario LaPlaca '09 of Glenview and William Roever '09 of Wilmette; Gavin McGarry '09 of Glenview; Agnes Aniol '11 of Park Ridge; Robert Wennington '10 of Lake Forest and Rachel Dolan '10 of Chicago (60631). Brian Broccolo '09 of Glencoe, Moira Gorman-Fisk '09 of Chicago (60626) and Will Roever '09 of Wilmette earned Writer of the Month Awards for their African-American History essays.

Lucy Woodrow '11 of Wilmette was recognized for the top sophomore research paper.

Anna Slowinski '10 of Norridge earned the top expository essay written in British Literature.

The following students earned Quill & Scroll Journalism Awards for their work on The Prep, Loyola's school newspaper: Andrew Bredemann '09 of Wilmette; Erin Carney'10 of Chicago (60631); John Dolan Jr. '09 of Northfield; Molly Dutmers '11 of Winnetka; Kevin Ford '09 of Evanston; Richard Gentile '09 of Evanston; Anne Habschmidt '10 of Park Ridge; Patrick Hechinger '09 of Wilmette; Kathryn Hickey '10 of Glencoe; Marcus Jackson '10 of Chicago (60640); Eleni Karahalios '10 of Chicago (60646); Tyler Kenly '10 of Northfield; John Lynch '10 of Glenview; Meghan McMahon '09 of Chicago (60646); Emily Mendoza '09 of Chicago (60630); Eric Staszczak '09 of Norridge; Talin Tokat '09 of Evanston; Katie Weicher '10 of Arlington Heights; and Ashley Wickey '09 of Chicago (60646).

Patrick Hechinger '09 of Wilmette earned The Prep Award for Outstanding Journalistic Excellence .

Scholastic Bowl Merit Awards: at the Varsity level, Joseph Ahmad '09 of Skokie and Jack Glerum '09 of Kenilworth; and at the Freshman level, Marcel Youkhna '12 of Morton Grove.

National Catholic Forensic League qualifiers included Noah Barger '10 of Lake Forest, Marko Jurkovic '09 of Lincolnwood, Matthew Serafin '10 of Chicago (60631) and Daniel Sullivan '09 of Northbrook; for the Lincoln Douglas Debate, Thomas Feifar '10 of Inverness, Thomas Finnegan '10 of Niles and Zul Kapadia '09 of Lincolnwood; Christina Baworowsky '10 of Wilmette and Daniel Gordon '10 of Glenview; Bridget Miller '10 of Mount Prospect and Nina Synnestvedt '10 of Arlington Heights; Amanda Smith '12 of Glenview.

The Speech and Debate Team is a member of the National Forensic League Northern Illinois District. This year district champs included Christina Baworowsky '10 of Wilmette and Alicia Hoag '10 of Inverness and Daniel Sullivan '09 of Northbrook.

Zul Kapadia '09 of Lincolnwood received award for an outstanding member of the Speech and Debate Team. Daniel Gordon '10 of Glenview and Daniel Sullivan '09 of Northbrook were given Rostrum Debating Awards .

This year, Asia Jaros '10 of Niles and Margaret Mullen '10 of Winnetka earned Gold medals and Kathryn Hughes '12 of Highland Park and Gianfranco Lertora '09 of Evanston earned Silver medals in the National Spanish Exam.

The American Association of Teachers of French hold competitions nationwide. At Level II, National and Northern Illinois Chapter Awards went to Margaret Needham '11 of Chicago (60631); Louis Van Craen '12 of Evanston; and Alexandra Zodo '11 of Chicago (60656). At Level III, National and Northern Illinois Chapter Awrds went to Lauren Capra '11 of Cary and Claire Ryan '11 of North Barrington. At Level IV, National and Northern Illinois Chapter Awards went to Alexander Baca '10 of Chicago (60613) and Zoe Van Craen '11 of Evanston and National Certificats de Reussite went to Oluwakayode Dosu '09 of Skokie; Elise Jackson '10 of Wilmette; Ciara McHugh '09 of Chicago (60646) and Caroline Wambach '10 of Evanston. At Level V, William Roever '09 of Wilmette and Kathleen Servatius '09 of Glenview earned a National and Northern Illinois Chapter Award and National Certificats de Reussite went to Sarah O'Malley '09 of Evanston; Spencer Remick '09 of Inverness; Sarah Thomas '09 of Wilmette and Gina Vrablik '09 of Inverness. The Outstanding High School Senior in French was awarded to Kathleen Servatius '09 of Glenview. Dylan Remick '09 of Inverness took first place in the La Grande Dictee de la Francophionie competition held at Northwestern University.

Woodward Classics Scholars, students who have taken Greek or Latin attaining an 'A' for each semester through senior year, included Joseph Ahmad '09 of Skokie; Daniel Ampon '09 of Glenview; Alisa Finn '09 of Glenview; Catherine Groden '09 of Glenview; Tasia Hoffman '09 of Park Ridge; and Kelly Skowera '09 of Mount Prospect.

Kathryn In '09 of Morton Grove and Graham Welch '09 of Golf were honored with Semper Fidelis Awards by the U.S. Marine Corps for musical excellence as performers. Graham Welch was also the recipient of the John Philip Sousa Award for Loyola's Band Program. Award was given to Matthew Deligio '10 of Park Ridge for acting.

William Grady '10 of Northbrook received award presented to a junior who best demonstrates the qualities of talent, achievement and dedication to the Loyola Band.

Loyola Academy Outstanding Choral Achievement Awards went to Liza Elman '09 of Chicago (60657); Mark McLoughlin '09 of Chicago (60656); and Kristofer Von Ahnen '09 also of Chicago (60656) .

Kaitlyn Guerrieri '09 of Chicago (60656) received Loyola's highest honor for theater, Thespian of the Year.

Timothy Worley '09 of Lincolnwood was the recipient of the Frank J. and Monica S. Hogan Performing Arts Award for both the choral and theater programs.

Abel Zerazion '09 of Chicago (60640) received the American Institute of Architecture Students Loyola Academy Chapter Merit Award for his commitment to the chapter. Mark Acciari '10 of Lincolnwood; Mari Kiedysz '09 of Chicago (60645); and Adam Strobel '10 of Lake Forest received the Loyola Academy Awards for Excellence in Design and Architecture.

Studio Art Achievement Awards went to Gretchen Selzer '09 of Glenview and Corrina Walker '09 of Chicago (60630). Julia DeRose '09 of Chicago (60646) earned award for being the most promising senior art student. Courtney Coha '09 of Wilmette was given the Brother James E. Small S.J. Commitment to the Visual Arts Award.

In the International Bridge Building Contest, held on April 25 in Bellingham, Wash., John Hoover '09 earned sixth place. Abel Zerazion '09, placed 24th international contest.

The following students placed sixth at the Science Olympiad New Trier Regional Competition: Joseph Ahmad '09 of Skokie; Marco Alvarado '09 of Winnetka; Daniel Ampon '09 of Glenview; Glenn Barr '10 of Skokie; Steve Higgins '09 of Morton Grove; Eugene Kim '11 of Northbrook; Christian Kreb '10 of Mount Prospect; Adriel Rangel '11 of Chicago (60614); Zoe Van Craen '11 of Evanston; and Jonathan Yu '09 of Evanston.

Physical Education Department Merit Awards went to freshmen Lauren Kriz '12 of Chicago (60631) and Connor Mulhern '12 of Wilmette; and sophomores Sarah Conway '11 of Chicago (60631) and Anthony Gauna '11 of Evanston.

The following students earned Distinguished Scholar Awards: Mariah Szpunar '09 of South Barrington, Elizabeth Appelt '09 of Park Ridge; Irene Hickey '09 of Glencoe; and Erin Laughlin '09 of Northfield , Daniel Ampon '09 of Glenview; Elizabeth Buchanan '09 of Chicago (60631); Alisa Finn '09 of Glenview; Catherine Groden '09 of Glenview; Nicole Homerin '09 of Highland Park; Zul Kapadia '09 of Lincolnwood; Patrick Lariviere '09 of Glencoe; Patrick Marquard '09 of Glencoe; James Martin '09 of Lake Forest; Spencer Remick '09 of Inverness; and Kathryn Schramm '09 of Glenview.

Catherine Groden of Glenview was a National Merit Scholarship recipient and Tara Larrue '09 of Skokie was a National Achievement Scholarship recipient.

National Merit Commended students included Joseph Ahmad '09 of Skokie; Elizabeth Appelt '09 of Park Ridge; Elizabeth Buchanan '09 of Chicago (60631); Stephen Conway '09 of Lake Forest; Brian DuSell '09 of Chicago (60626); Alisa Finn '09 of Glenview; Tasia Hoffman '09 of Park Ridge; Katherine Ireland '09 of Evanston; Kevin Kapolnek '09 of Niles; Mario LaPlaca '09 of Glenview; James Martin '09 of Lake Forest; Mark McLoughin '09 of Chicago (60656); William Roever '09 of Wilmette; Kathryn Schramm '09 of Glenview; Kelly Skowera '09 of Mount Prospect; Ron Sommers '09 of Highland Park; Daniel Sullivan '09 of Northbrook; and Meghan Thompson-Wilda '09 of Chicago (60660).

Tewdros Tesfamicael '09 of Chicago (60640) and Priscilla Yofon '09 of Glenview received John Kaulentis Memorial Awards

Shane Blackburn '09 of Wilmette and Liza Elman '09 of Chicago (60657) were the recipients of the Carol Hopkins Achievement Award

Justin Simik-Valadez '09 of North Riverside received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School. The award was presented by Col. Andreason.

Kathryn Howard '09 of Chicago (60631) and Kawthar Rkein '09 of Skokie were named Evans Scholars and recipients of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship

The Glenview State Bank Paul Jones Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kelly Donohue '09 of Chicago (60630) and Michael Marren '09 of Chicago (60630).

Service Awards went to the following students: Brenda Alba '09 of Chicago (60660), Mark McLoughlin '09 of Chicago (60656), and Jack O'Connor '09 of Wilmette; juniors Lauren Pasulka '10 of Glenview, Michael Schufreider '10 of Glenview, and Mary Clare Sweeney '10 of Northbrook; sophomores Emily Norris '11 of Northbrook; Elizabeth Sammelbraun '11 of Evanston and Caroline Williams '11 of Wilmette; and freshmen Thomas Choi '12 of Lincolnwood, Molly Hogan '12 of Northfield and Catherine Ward '12 of Glenview.

Irene Hickey '09 of Glencoe was the recipient of the Kay and George Penman Sullivan Catholic Action Award. Their son, George P. Sullivan Jr. '62, regional director for the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, presented the award.

Meghan Thompson-Wilda '09 of Chicago (60660) received Ministry Social Activism Award f

Liturgy Leadership Awards went to the following students: Marco Alvardo '09 of Winnetka; Colleen Baker '09 of Evanston; Katherine Betancourt '09 of Chicago (60657); Michelle Bilek '09 of Mount Prospect; Andrew Bredemann '09 of Wilmette; Colleen Charles '09 of Wilmette, Cristina Couri '09 of Evanston; Patrick Daley Jr. '09 of Highland Park; Caitlin Desmond '09 of Winnetka; Oluwakayode Dosu '09 of Skokie; Erin Dowdle '09 of Glenview; Margaret Felish '09 of Wilmette; Alisa Finn '09 of Glenview; Kevin Ford '09 of Evanston; Anne Gordon '09 of Wilmette; Mary Heffernan '09 of Chicago (60631); Phillip Henry '09 of Chicago (60646); Tasia Hoffman '09 of Park Ridge; Daniel Hogan '09 of Glenview; Nicole Homerin '09 of Highland Park; Kathryn In '09 of Morton Grove; Erin Laughlin '09 of Northfield; Neal Manahan '09 of Chicago (60656); Christopher Marcheschi '09 of Chicago (60645); Gavin McGarry '09 of Glenview; Marielle McKenna '09 of Kenilworth; Emily Mendoza '09 of Chicago (60630); Lindy Navarre '09 of Glenview; Colin Patterson '09 of Skokie; Christine Penkala '09 of Niles; Kathryn Schramm '09 of Glenview; Jan Struhar '09 of Glencoe; Bridgette Thoma '09 of Chicago (60646); Meghan Thompson-Wilda '09 of Chicago (60660); Claire Tighe '09 of Wilmette; and Timothy Worley '09 of Lincolnwood.

Ministry Spirit Awards went to the following students: Claire Baker '09 of Evanston; Christine Bassig-Santos '09 of Niles; Thomas Belton '09 of Kenilworth; Ryan Bernardi '09 of Chicago (60640); Patrick Boudewyns '09 of Northfield; Brian Broccolo '09 of Glencoe; Nicole Carbonari '09 of Lake Forest; Julie Coffou '09 of Chicago (60611); John Dolan '09 of Northfield; Amy Fallon '09 of Chicago (60631); Catherine Gruber '09 of Skokie; Brittany Haracz '09 of Glenview; Phillip Henry '09 of Chicago (60646); Marguerite Mahowald '09 of Glenview; Michael Marren '09 of Chicago (60630); Anne McCarthy '09 of Wilmette; Ciara McHugh '09 of Chicago (60646); Daniel McHugh '09 of Northfield; Mary Oshana '09 of Skokie; Cassandra Pilarski '09 of Park Ridge; Juliann Sargis '09 of Chicago (60646); and Samantha Simons '09 of Glenview.

Irene Hickey '09 of Glencoe received the Volunteer Center of New Trier Township Award,

Andrew Bredemann '09 of Wilmette received the Torch Club Service Award
Samantha Simons '09 of Glenview was the recipient of the Br. James E. Small, S.J. Student Council Award

All School Awards went to the following students: Elizabeth Buchanan '09 of Chicago (60631). Other nominees included Kaitlyn Guerrieri '09 of Chicago (60656); Jack Glerum '09 of Kenilworth; Tasia Hoffman '09 of Park Ridge; Chris Schular '09 of Chicago (60646); Mathew Schular of Chicago (60646); and Abel Zerazion '09 of Chicago (60640).

Kate Ryan '10 of Lake Forest was the recipient of the Gerard I. Brost Award for Outstanding Co-curricular Leadership in the junior class. . Other nominees included Adrienne Cheaks '10 of Glenview; Christian Kreb '10 of Mount Prospect; Fkrtimariam Negassi '10 of Chicago (60640); Paul Papazisi '10 of Glenview; Emily Picchietti '10 of Lake Forest; Michael Stralka '10 of Chicago (60631); and Alexandra Weiss '10 of Kenilworth.

Caitlin Desmond '09 of Winnetka was the recipient of the Michael Rebarchak Memorial Award

The final award was the Fausone Medal, which celebrates and is named for, Molly Fausone '08. Molly, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a diving accident after her freshman year. This year, the award was given to Devon Boyd '09 of Chicago 60643, who has also overcome adversity during his time as a Rambler.

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Loyola Academy: Honors Convocation May 6

Full article available at Wilmette Public Library.